If you want to have the opportunity of playing Need For Speed: Pro Street before everyone else and you can make it to california, you shouldnt plan anything else for november 6 than moving over to Long Beach, california.

you will be able to prove your driving skills against professional race drivers and have a good time with tricked out cars, hot girls and music.

You want to be part of the show? check out the thread for contact details: http://www.nfscars.net/forum/showthread.php?t=20769

- Rick.

Here we get some more direct information of the speed challenge mode, you're driving at extreme speed.

'"Its not about the high speeds, but more of pushing your car to the limits and maintaining it through 20 miles of track."'

You will see some of the tracks, more of the race, and especially a good view of what the damage and crash replays look like.

You can also download / view the video here.


More screenshots have been added here as well

Here is a new video care of IGN. showing the customization features of Pro Street.

Without a doubt, this video will answer most of your questions you may have about the online side of Pro Street, I have a great feeling that the ORG competitions will have a great shot at working out.

Enjoy the Video.

Follow the Link to this thread and vote for your Favorite Org, discuss why, or anything else about the Organizations and how excited you are about pro street.

According to needforspeed.com, and several other websites, it seems that ProStreet will be delayed until November 13/14th.

I've confirmed this with our EA Community Rep. This will help to provide us all with one of the best racing games on the market.

Justin Wiebe talks about the details involving in Grip racing.

"We want people to have the freedom to crash and bang into eachother"

On a side note: I want to question the damage, from what i understood, the damage wasnt this extensive at the Community Day. Whether or not this is the real damage we will have, or if its an old video finally released is two different things.. Hopefully this is the damage we will get.

as always if you cannot see the video, please go here

also for those who have yet to see., The http://www.needforspeed.com site has been updated.

Here are a couple new videos released at gamespot.

the First one is of a full Drag Race from start to finish.
sadly whomever was driving the car doesnt know the controls enough yet.

Video Here

The 2nd video is of a drift lap, you can see how the game physics are reacting in this one.

Video Here

Hopefully it gives some details for those who are skeptical of the game yet so far, maybe these videos will change alot of people's minds about how much better Drag and Drift are than the previous versions in Carbon, MW, and Underground.

This Video describes in more detail the 7 organizations which are in the game as well as showing more of the worlds you will be racing in.

Also -
There will be Online Events pertaining to each of the ORGs, hosted by seven different NFS community sites. More Details to follow the closer we get to Release.

If you are unable to view this video please click Here or CopyPaste http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/14498 into your browser.

Gamersyde.com has a new video up of the Nissan GT-Proto grip racing.

If you can't see the video above click here



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