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Audi R8 v10

Need For Speed Pro Street

Need For Speed Pro Street
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You can download the mod : HERE

I can't do much since the NFSCars upload function is broken , every car which weighs more than 2MB gets instantly dropped out, so I have to do it this way.
So now the specs of this mod :


Audi R8 V10 |
by Ti-Sonic |
For Need For Speed ProStreet |
_________________________________ |

Car from Real Racing 3, Forza Horizon , and NFS:PS.

Replace : Audi R8 (R8PROD)

Customization list:

- Bodykits ( R8 GT parts and "LeMans GT3 Style" bodykit)
- Hoods
- Rims
- Paint
- Vinyls
- Stickers
- Rollcages
- Full Autosculpt parts

Features :
- New performance data.
- Full Autosculpt support, with wind tunnel streams.
- NFSPS driver.
- Real on/off brakelight effect.


Remember to backup your original files before installing any mod , in case you want to revert the game to its original state, for example.


1. Run "install.exe" as admin, and select the installation folder of NFS ProStreet, like this : " C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsNeed for Speed ProStreet " and a confirmation message should appear, saying that the mod is installed succesfully.

2. Go to the "R8 V10 Data" folder and run "NFS-VltEd (v2.1)" as admin and select the NFS PS installation folder like this : " C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsNeed for Speed ProStreet".

3. In NFS-VltEd (v2.1) , go to "Mod Installer" and select "Import", and select "Audi R8 v10.nfscfg". Then go to " File " and select "Save".

4. Start the game, end enjoy ! :D


Oleg - Zmodeler
EA/Black Box - NFS Prostreet
Turn10 for R8 GT parts
DMN/Firemonkeys - RR3 model
NFSU360 - NFS:PS ModTools v1.1 / NFS Vlt-Ed 2.1
RENESiS for Global-Ed + Mod Installer
Adobe - Photoshop
Me, obviously.

I hope you'll enjoy it , and sorry for using this way to let you profit of my mod, this is the only way I can provide it to you. If you have any problems , tell it here , or on my profile. You can also ask me on Twitter , and NFS-Mania.



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