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***Unknown Unleashed DLC***

Need For Speed Pro Street

Need For Speed Pro Street
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***NFS ProStreet - Unknown Unleashed DLC***
by Ti-Sonic

This DLC is fan-made and it's full free. If you want to put it in your website, be sure to email me first, or asking me on Youtube or on Twitter ( Ti-Sonic ). Otherwise you're not allowed to re-upload it.

This mod brings you 5 new cars, with new performance and customizations.

Apart the Bugatti Veyron SS, all other cars have full performance customization available, and every model has their own visual customizations. Some logos have been changed to be able to recognize the cars easily.

The pack is not perfect at all, some bugs may appear, but they're not harmful, you can enjoy the mod at its full potential ! :D

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT : your NFS:PS should be patched to v1.1 in order to install the DLC, it's not compatible with the v1.0.

Presentation of the pack here :

Remember to backup your original files before installing any mod , in case you want to revert the game to its original state, for example.


1. Run "install.exe" as admin, and select the installation folder of NFS ProStreet, like this : " C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed ProStreet " and a confirmation message should appear, saying that the mod is installed succesfully.

2. Go to the DLCData folder and run "NFS-VltEd (v2.1)" as admin and select the NFS PS installation folder like this : " C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed ProStreet".

3. In NFS-VltEd (v2.1) , go to "Mod Installer" and select "Import", and select "DLC Unknown Unleashed.nfscfg". Then go to " File " and select "Save".

4. Start the game, end enjoy ! :D

If you have trouble extracting the archives , use 7-Zip instead of WinRAR. I use it because it gives a higher compression ratio , which is useful to upload big files.


Oleg - Zmodeler
Gameloft - Asphalt 8 : Airborne
EA/Black Box - NFS Undercover/ NFS: The Run / NFS Prostreet
Criterion Games - NFS MW 2012
Slightly Mad Studios - Project Cars
Turn 10 - Forza Motorsport 4/
Eden Games - Test Drive Unlimited
NFSU360 - NFS:PS ModTools / NFS Vlt-Ed 2.1
blackninja2000 - Ninjaripper
Autodesk - 3DS Max 2010
Adobe - Photoshop
Eclipse72Rus, CHIRICK for help
Me ( Ti-Sonic ) for having kept the DLC alive, even if I wanted to end it sometimes.


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