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NFSPS RayTracing HD

Need For Speed Pro Street

Need For Speed Pro Street
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What does this Mod?
This mod will add Raytracing Features to you game, also it will make you Game colors better, it will more detail the reflections
and make the game look more modern and sharpens all thge edges… 

Raytracing features: More fading shadows, better lightning detection in edges, lightbeam back bouncing (for example the ingame                                             Monitors are reflecting colors on edges)

This mod also will correct the colors when for example you add decals to your car, they will now be colored correctly because of color edge detecting (colors wont fuse anymore)

Better antialiasing Methods (i added SMAA and FXAA to the game so it will now look sharper)

You probably need decent Hardware to youse this mod:
Minimum Requirements (60fps):
-  Ryzen 5 1600/ Intel Core i5 6500
-  Geforce GTX 1070/ Radeon RX590
- 16GB Ram

recommend Requirements (120fps):
- Ryzen 5 3600/ Core i5  9500
- Geforce RTX 2070/ Radeon RX5700 (cause are the HD Reflections)
- 16GB Ram

This mod works Fine with the NFS ProStreet Redux mod (recommend for The best experience)

In this mod:
- NFSPS General Fix
- HDR-Reflections
- NFSPS Extra Options
- RT-HD Shader Mod

1) Extract NFSPS Raytracing HD Mod
2) (if you already have, ignore) Start Reshade-Setup.exe and install the shaders to your NFSPS game directory
3) Now copy all files (reshade-shaders, scripts, dinput8.dll, NFSPS RT-HD.ini) to your NFSPS game directory
4) Start the Game
5) Open the reshade settings (usually by pressing pos1 if you have not changed)
6) Now select as Preset: NFSPS RT-HD.ini (maybe screen black for short, ignore it)
7) Have fun with this new shaders.

 The RT-Gi is buyed from Patreon, so plz only use it yourself and dont reupload!
 If i see that it is reuploaded you have to take the consequences.

 >Shader Settings are optimized for this Game but also work with other games

 >if there is any trouble pls tell me



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