Image2.jpgSo the first ever car mod for NFS Undercover was released not so long ago by Robin7t4 & nfsu360 which is apparently a Citroen GT Concept.

The mod tools of the game were not released as of yet and we are still waiting for that. Lets just appreciate that we have dedicated talented individuals working for the good of the NFS modding community. Also maybe this not so popular game might receive some modding love by the modding community in terms of car mods as it is now clearly possible to mod the game. We just have to see how it all goes but its really good news.

Below the image is the link for the Citroen GT Concept blog post with the download link and the instructions on how to install the mod.


We also had one of our long-time and well respected member, Ti-Sonic make a demo video about the mod which you can check out HERE

Today EA released Need for Speed Undercover to the iPhone and iTouch, you may want to go to the iTunes Store and put down $9.99 for your copy.

Mobile Undercover offers:

• Steer your car by tilt control steering.
• Nitrous boosts and Speedbreakers can be activated with a swipe of your fingers.
• Eight different race modes including Highway Battle, Sprint, and Cop Takeout.
• 20 cars to drive including Porsche Carrera GT and the Lamborghini Gallardo.
• Incredible 3D graphics and sweeping camera angles make the game look amazing!
• 24 covert ventures that lead to intricate secret missions with each mission accessible through the interactive mission map.
• Earn performance upgrades like Speed, Boost, Acceleration, and Handling.
• Customize your ride with aftermarket body-kits, wheels, spoilers and paint jobs.
• Receive missions and updates from full motion cinematics from the Detective Chase Linh, played by Hollywood star Maggie Q.

- iTunes store link Undercover


Challenge Series DLC for PC
The Challenge Series is a free Add-On for NFS Undercover, which contains 60 unique events with 10 game modes - including two new ones: Highway Wars and Highway Checkpoint.
Additionally you can win three Reward Cars, which you can drive in Singleplayer as well as in Multiplayer.

Download it here.
This DLC (Downloadable Content) is already available for PS3 as well and should be released for Xbox360 soon.


Boss Car Bundle
Last week it was announced that EA will be making some of the best cars in Need for Speed Undercover available to buy in the Boss Car Bundle. The bundle is now out for PS3 and can be purchased from the PlayStation Network.

These cars are the best of the best and we expect to see them on the top of the leaderboards very quickly.

There are a total of eight cars in the bundle:

Chase’s BMW M6
Nickel’s Dodge Viper SRT10
Rose’s Porsche 911 GT2
Zack’s Volswagen Scirocco
Carmen’s Shelby GT500
Chau Wu’s Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG
G-Mac’s Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Hector’s Nissan 370Z (Z34)

The Boss Car Bundle will be available Xbox 360 and PC will be out soon; keep watching for the latest info.

There will be new free downloadable content coming to Need For Speed: Undercover called the Challange series.

Challenge Series is comprised of 10 game mode themes (Sprint, Checkpoint, Outrun, Circuit, Highway Battle, and Cost to State, Escape, Takedown, Highway Wars and Highway Checkpoint). There are 2 levels of difficulty (Street & Pro) with a Bronze, Silver, and Gold event in each level for a total of 60 unique events. Players are able to earn up to three free Reward Cars; one after completing Street level (Battle Machine from Pro Street); one after completing Pro level (Speed Machine); and one after dominating at least 31 events (Dominator). Players are able to use these cars online or offline their career mode. We created brand new custom menus for Challenge Series that our users should enjoy. Players will also welcome the fact that each event is raced in a custom ride with all cars having NOS. Players will have to complete the first 30 events in order to unlock the Pro Level of difficulty. We have created a Summary Screen so that players can quickly see which events they need to race next or simply keep track of the races they have dominated.

You can read more about it at the Need For Speed: Undercover website by clicking here.

Need for Speed Undercover contains the SecuROM digital rights management technology (DRM), which forces you to activate your game over the internet. You could "authorize" your game on up to five computers at the same time. If you made changes to your hardware, the system required a new authorization. If you reached five activations, you had to contact the EA support to free your slots.

Now Electronic Arts released the De-Authorization Tools, which allows you to manage your authorization-slots and can de-authorize them.

You can find more information about the de-authorization on this website:

The NFS Undercover patch has been released, this patch addresses frame rate and difficulty issues.
The next time you load your game, it should prompt you to update.

Whats this? A patch I say, yes, You have read correctly.

"We wanted to let everyone know that the game team is currently hard at work developing a patch for Undercover for PS3, 360 and PC. We've spent a lot of time reviewing all the feedback from the community. Thank you! At this point we don't have a confirmed release date or fix list but we thought it was important to let everyone know that a patch is in progress. As soon as we've got more news we'll let everyone know."

So wait and you shall receive.

Once again the achievement will be up for grabs, this time it will be a three day weekend for all users to gain access to, as well, You have two weeks notice in order to plan a little time behind the wheel. So between December 19th and the 21st, come race with the rest of the community.

Arushan has once again been the breaker of great news. This time, he has released an Undercover save game editor, which not only allows you to copy cars to your garage, but it will also remove strikes from your cars you already have, Now even if your three hundred and fourty thousand dollar car is impounded, you just simply open your editor, set the strikes back to zero, and you're set for more action.

You may download the Undercover Save game editor at

The program will require you to register an account with if you wish to upload your cars blueprints for sharing with your friends.

What this means is you can finally see those uploaded photos you have been so anxiously awaiting to see.

You can go to Login today and start your myNFS Page.

if you have any problems with the site itself, or general feedback, you can email with any problems or feedback on the myNFS.

On November 21 at 5pm to 8pm (EST) you can participate in the Need for Speed Undercover Game with Developers on Xbox LIVE. Take part in high-speed online action and take on several members from the Need for Speed Undercover development team.

Form your teams and take on the developers of Need for Speed Undercover in the exciting new Cops & Robbers online mode. This visceral team-based mode pits two teams of four players against each other in the ultimate battle-royale.

Undercover Latest Cars

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Need For Speed Undercover 2004 Lada Samara 2114
2004 Lada Samara 2114

May 09, 2019

Need For Speed Undercover 2003 Lada 111
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Need For Speed Undercover 1980 Lada 1200s
1980 Lada 1200s

Mar 26, 2019

Need For Speed Undercover Lada VAZ 21043/047
Lada VAZ 21043/047

Yuriy Pimenov
Mar 11, 2019


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