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Mazda Rx7/Nissan silvia drift/cruise handling+more

Need For Speed Undercover

Need For Speed Undercover
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i have done some new things to this and i will update the file soon.

instructions to change the fov if anyone wants just that.
also sorry for bad english ;/

open nfs vlted and nfs uc filelocation with it, then open camera. this mod increases fov only on far camera but you can adjust it on other camera styles too. fov is located in the optional fields. 
open (0) under the fov and add the following numbers
here are the values.

type - 0 (dont change this value!!)
input min  -  14
valuemin1 - 59
valuemin2 - 57
inputmax - 109
valuemax1 - 84
valuemax2 - 89

if you want to change it to something else, just plus or minus the same amount to every number.
so lets say that i wanted to increase it by 5. it will look like this.

type - 0 (dont change this value!!)
input min  -  19
valuemin1 - 64
valuemin2 - 62
inputmax - 114
valuemax1 - 89
valuemax2 - 94

Hey, i decided to share this thing because i havent seen too many mods, scripts etc in undercover
this pack contains

-modded handling for rx7 and silvia(silvia is lowered now) so its easier to drift. they will also move faster
-Slightly increased fov
-new engine sounds with backfires (sound only)
-human car damage disabled (except scratches)
-changed cops to Mustang and Gtr
-new colors on some parts of the map
-rx7 save game from the picture


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