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FOV fix + NEW Handling model for all cars! + Minor tweaks (Update 2/4/2018)

Need For Speed Undercover

Need For Speed Undercover
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To install this, you will need vlted 4.5
Here is a link to eBeemos's post regarding vlted 4.5:

Newest update includes steering speed modification for upgraded cars.
This is a HUGE bug that I overlooked when originally making this.

Changes made:

1. Reworks all four camera views. See pictures.
The bumper camera FOV has increased and raised up slightly.
The Hood camera FOV has increased and the height has been re-calibrated for the FOV change.
Close Camera FOV has increased, and camera distance has been re-calibrated for the FOV change.
Far Camera FOV has increased, and camera distance and pitch has been re-calibrated for the FOV change.
2. Disables (What I consider) all of the annoying camera effects and movements on the close and far camera, such as screen shaking and camera rotation.
The camera follows the car much more tightly / rigidly as a result.
I am very satisfied with the camera view modification, it lets you see a lot more, and makes the game feel faster and more responsive.
3.Increases the steering speed value for every playable car, which makes steering cars much more responsive and way more fun to drive. It feels like a completely different (and better) game now!
4. In the zone has been re-balanced: Multiplier will cap at 3, but fills up much quicker.
5. Reduced the game's Bloom effect.

How to install:
Get vlted 4.5
Open vlted 4.5, and select file>import>modscript
Navigate to the .nfsms file i have included in the zip file and select it (extract the contents of the zip first!)
The program will prompt you with a message about it, and then you click install.

Lastly, select File>Save.
You can then run the game to see if changes have been made. If so, you're good to go.


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