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NFS UG2 Pack Vinyls from MostWanted

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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Please do not upload on different sites and do not edit without my permission!
To edit and upload on various websites contact me by a private mesage on this foroum on leave comm!

1.How to install liverys: Use NFSTexEd or BinTex 0.5 to import vinyls, replaces what you want, it's your choice.

2.Livery created and edit by geonfsmw (George Danyel)

3.Enjoy and Have fun!

4.Thanks EA for vinyls.

5.For any problem/bugs tell me!

6. This is a Blacklist Vinyls of cars from NFS Most Wanted. (Bonus pack included Supra Darius from NFS Carbon).

7. Coming Soon i next my new pack with vinyls from NFS Carbon (BONUS Cars, Boss Cars, Crew Cars and more)

8. Hope you like it!

9. For Kaze Car (Mercedes CLK 500 download this: Thanks to -EddY- for convert this car and vinyls)
10. For Big Lou (Mithusbishi ECLIPSE GT download this: Thanks to mchdbz for convert this car (in description on this eclipse, author mchdbz says vinyls is wrong postion, but he car work perfectly with vinyls from NFS MostWanted by Eclipse GT and if you want more livery for this car, just import vinyls from ECLIPSE GT from MW to UG2)

11. For Joe Vega "JV" Viper car, download this:

12. For Ming Gallardo car, download this:

13. For Ronnie DB9 car, download this:

PS: If you want a livery for new cars, tell me and i make do it!



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