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Racing Fuel Soundtrack Mix

Need For Speed Underground 2

Electro Shark
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Need For Speed Underground 2
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Tired of the same boring soundtrack Bayview has to offer? Well, I have the perfect solution for your issue.

May I proudly present the one and only "Racing Fuel Soundtrack Mix." This is my personally hand picked selection of the most memorable and nostalgic game/anime style list of songs I've gathered throughout my experience of playing games over the years. The list consists of three different song genres that will surely make your racing skills skyrocket! #takumi_approved:p
Super Eurobeat
1) Ace - Heavensent
2) Chai - Fire Wire
3) Fastway - Been A Bang
4) Dave Rodgers - Beat Of The Rising Sun
5) Kaory - Run To Me
6) Marco Polo - Speedy Speed Boy
7) Nathalie - Heartbeat
8) Norma Sheffield - I Just Wanna Call You Now
9) Roberta - Like a Din-Don
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EA TRAX Jukebox
1) Ekstrak - Hard Drivers Ft. Know-1
2) Hollywood Undead - Levitate
3) Lauren Rocket - Cities In Dust Ft. Junkie XL
4) Kerli - Creepshow
5) Ladytron - Fighting In Built Up Areas
6) QBA Libre & M1 - God Damn
7) The Buzzhorn - Ordinary
8) Thirty Seconds To Mars - Night Of The Hunter
9) UNKLE - Restless Ft. Josh Homme
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Midnight Club
1) Danny Byrd - Red Mist
2) Disturbed - Indestructible
3) G-Unit & 50 Cent - Straight Outta Southside
4) J Mill - Like Dat
5) Kasabian - Club Foot
6) Markus Kienzl - Dundy Lion Ft. Paul St. Hilaire
7) Nas - Hero Ft. Keri Hilson
8) Pain - Jimmy Eat World
9) The Qemists - Stompbox
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Readme included inside…


The name of the songs are unchanged in the game and will display the old name i.e "Skindred - Nobody" instead of the modded song. So you'll have to listen to each one and discover the names yourself. Use Shazam..


NFSU2 Music Importer by BadHairDay
YTD Video Downloader
HxD Hex Editor
Eurobeat Space
Me for compiling


-This mod is the sole property of Electro Shark and you ARE NOT allowed to upload this anywhere without my permission. I will hunt your ass!
-These songs were NOT made/composed by me and all credits go to the artists mentioned above
-Feel free to comment what you think about this mod. I am always open to new suggestions and am always happy to learn that you guys appreciate my work
-A video based on this mod will be uploaded soon on YouTube. Feel free to check out my channel to view new and upcoming reviews of my mods to come;

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