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Super Eurobeat Soundtrack Mod

Need For Speed Underground 2

Electro Shark
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Need For Speed Underground 2
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Hey guys what's up? So as promised, I've uploaded my new soundtrack mod for everyone to download. I hope you like it..

Song List;
Ace - Heavensent
Bon - Rocket To New Planet
Chai - Fire Wire
Cherry - Set Me Free
Dave Rodgers - Beat Of The Rising Sun
Dave Rodgers - The Race Is Over
Dusty - The Lovebite
Fastway - Been A Bang
Go 2 - Don't Turn It Off
Hotblade - Disconnected
Kaory - Run To Me
Leslie Parrish - Remember Me
Lou Master - Up & Dance Up & Go
Madoka - SaGa
Manuel - Let's Go Come On
Matt Land - City Lover City Rider
Nathalie - Heartbeat
Niko - Night Of Fire
Norma Sheffield - I Just Wanna Call You Now
Pamsy - Once Upon A Time
Priscilla - Love Is In Danger
Queen 26 - You Are My Wonder
Roberta - Like A Din-Don
Marco Polo - Speedy Speed Boy
Victoria - Stay
Stephy Martini - Mad Desire
The Snake - Queen Of Mean

Bug Fixes;
I had a few complains regarding my previous soundtrack mod that some songs had really high bass and treble which made it sound awful and really crappy while ingame, so I fixed the issue. Hopefully now, this mod will work perfectly for everyone.


- this mod is the sole property of Electro Shark and NFSCars, if you wish to share or upload this anywhere else, ask my permission first
- feel free to post your thoughts regarding this mod in the comments section. I'll be reading and answering everyone
- this download contains a link to where I've uploaded the Super Eurobeat Soundtrack Mod. The file was too large to be directly uploaded here
- if you don't like my work, then I'm sorry I can't help you and you're wasting your own time here

- YTD Video Downloader
- Audacity
- YouTube
- NFS U2 Music Importer by BadHairDay



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