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Shelby GT500 67 [Addon]

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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Shelby GT500 67

Converted by MiniMods (

Replace: - It's an addon, it doesn't replace anything -


-windows tint

Thanks to nfsu360 for the NFSU2 ModTools v1.2 and NFS-CfgEd 1.0

===================================================== *VERY IMPORTANT* ========================================================

Before installing this mod SAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR GAME and you must verify that you have installed:

-NFSU2 Extra Options with NFSU2 Crack 1.2 Hoodlum
-NFSU2 Unlimiter v1.0.0.1337
-NFSU2 Car Sound Tuner v1.0.0.1337
-Global Memory File Fixed, you can download from here: 

And verify that you have the following tools:

-Binary v1.0.4
-NFS-TexEd 1.7.7 (Optional)
-Labrune v1.0.0.402 (Optional)

========================================================= Install =============================================================

1. Copy folder "SHE_GT500" in X:\Need For Speed Underground 2\CARS

2. Run Binary v1.0.4 AS ADMINISTRATOR, launch Binary for NFS Underground 2 (left click on the UG2 picture in the main menu),
select Main>Open and select the folder of your NFS UG2 game, then select Main>Import>CartypeInfo and select
"SHE_GT500.bin", after that go to Main>Save. Since here your addon is fully functional.

3. (Optional logos) Use NFS-TexEd 1.7.7 to open X: \ Need for Speed Underground 2 \ FRONTEND \ FrontB.lzc
go to Texture> Add and select "" and CARSELECT_MANUFACTURER_SHE then go to File> Save.

4. This is only to change the default sound of an additional car.
      4.1 Copy the contents of the "scripts" folder included in the additional files into
      X: \ Need For Speed Underground 2 \ scripts \

      4.2 Copy the contents of the SOUND folder included in the additional files to X: \ Need For Speed Underground 2 \ SOUND \

5. (Optional, label GT500 in stats after races) Use Labrune v1.0.0.402, go to File>Open
X:\Need for Speed Underground 2\LANGUAGES\[select the language of your game, for example: If your game is in Spanish, select 
Spanish.bin], then go to File>Import>Text File… and select the file "SHE_GT500.txt". After that go to File>Save.

6. Open your game, create a NEW profile, and if you're new with Extra Options, press F5 to unlock all cars and tuning parts
You can choose your new addon like any other car in the game, it's placed after the Impreza WRX.

NOTE: Everytime you install a new addon (mine or from another modder) you need to create a new savegame to see the car in-game.



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