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How to change a car's rear/front wheel drive bias

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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Did you know that the developers of the game made it possible to change the drivetrain front/rear bias to any desirable number, but.. never actually played with it much?
So after some investigating playing around with the globalb file I found the relevant hex values and I will show you how this works.
I will start by opening GlobalB.lzc with HxD software. this is a hex editing software you can download for free google it.
after you've opened the file, choose a car you want to mod and then do ctrl+F and search for a text string of the car. I will choose the Mitsubishi Eclipse as an example.
Now I will show you where the magic happens. Basically the developers of the game only used 3 values for all the cars. it goes like this
FWD: A9 C6 4B 3E
RWD: 57 0E 4D 3F
AWD: 9B 99 19 3F
Those are the hex values for each drive type for all the cars. Since I chose the Eclipse which is AWD, I will be searching for the next "9B 99 19 3F" that is written in the file, right after the "ECLIPSE" line and I will use the find feature again to do this.
Excuse my bad drawing skills. So anyway, what do all of those numbers and letters mean?! Those are single 32bit floating points. Don't ask me what any of that means because I have no clue, but I do have a clue on how this works.
As you can see it reads about 0.6 and here's how this works. 1=RWD, 0=FWD, and 0.5= perfect 50/50 AWD. I learned this buy playing around with the numbers and testing in game. we can learn from this that all the cars have one of 3 settings; either fwd/rwd with 20/80 bias, or awd with 60/40 rear bias



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