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Make your own custom transmission

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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wouldn't it be cool if you could throw a powerglide into your drag mustang? or have a sequential style gear set with close ratios for your drift setup? turns out the game developers made it possible and i'll show you how
what you need is HxD or any other hex edit software
open GlobalB.lzc using HxD and pick a car you want to mod, use the find feature and search for text string related to the car in order to find where the data for this car is.
I will choose the mustang for this example.
now that we identified where the data for the specific car begins in the file, we can locate the data for the (stock) transmission. the way i do this, is by marking from "MUSTANGGT" down until it shows me i marked "4C0" worth of length as shown in the picture below. there might be a better way to do this but it's simple enough and works for all cars.
this is the magic part. those values that i marked are your gears. the first one in pink is the reverse gear, followed by zeros which i believe are neutral, then 6 gears. notice how the 6th "gear" is zeros sicnce the stock transmission of the mustang is a 5-speed so 00000000= no gear.
so what do we do with all this now? 
mark the gear you want to mod, then, in the data inspector on the right side, scroll down to "Single (32 float)" - the value shown is the gear ratio in real world numbers.
from what i can tell the devs got most of the gears in the game pretty close

P.S. i attached a backup globalb for your convenience
P.P.S any modification to globalb effects ai cars too



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