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NFS Underground 2 Rachel's car save game (set on early stage of the game).

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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This is an save game containing the exact same Rachel's car except for the performance parts wich are all maxed out plus all the unique performance parts except for unique transmission part. 
And it set on the very first stage of the game, so you can race with the 350z from the beginning.

- the Rachel's 350Z dyno tuning setup are already made for Circuit/Sprint, Drag, Drift, Street X and U.R.L races.

- Surplus of cash of 1 000 000.

- All aesthethics and performances parts are already unlocked for every car including the uniques (except for  unique performance parts)

- Car slot 2, 3, 4, and 5 are locked ,you need to progress throughout the career mode to unlock          them.

- The difficulty is set on hard by default.

How to install the save into your game save folder (wich is separated from the original game folder) :

1. Create a folder into the following directory (NFS Underground 2)  :
[font=Arial]Win XP – C:\Documents and Settings\%user-name%\Local Settings\Application Data\NFS Underground 2[/font]
[font=Arial]Win Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – C:\Users\%user-name%\AppData\Local\NFS Underground 2[/font]

2. Name the folder "Rachel", putting the save file itself won't apply, you need to create a folder with      the same name in order to make it work.

3. Put the save file into the said folder.

4. Enjoy.

Tools used for this save game : NFS U2 Mega trainer and NFSU2 Profile Creator (by Wallosek).



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