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Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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This file was created by BMW33

It's a front neon pack

There are 10 colors which are the colors in the game for the underglow neon.

The intensity of the color and the size change by the front bumper.

Remember! You can have just one color. So if your favourite color is one of mine just install and enjoy!!!!!

Message for the people which know how to use NFS-TexEd :

Excuse me for the long instructions but a lon time ago i was dont knowing how to use NFS-TexEd and sometimes i was going crazy

so the instructions are for the begginers.

However use NFS-TexEd to replace the files

How to install:


1)Go to Nfs U 2 install folder and look for GLOBAL. Inside look for GlobalB.lzc and make a copy where do you want.
Example : C:\ProgramFiles\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2\GLOBAL

2)Extract all my files from the archive on the desktop

3)Go to the folder on the desktop and open the folder NFS-TexEd v0.9.0

4)Double click on NFS-TexEd.exe

5)Whith the cursor go to Archive and choose Open

6)After that go where did you installed your NFS U2 and go in GLOBAL an open the file GlobalB.lzc
Example:C:\ProgramFiles\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2\GLOBAL

7)Ok now you are inside the archive. Double click on the first . You should have some files and if you click on you see an image

8)Now go down and click on the stripe called Name

The stripe is this: ID | Name | Width | Height | Format | MipMaps

9) Ok now you should have all the files in order by name

10) Go down and look for the file called INTERCOOLER .Click on it . Select it by clicking in the white panel

11)Now go up and click on Texture and choose Import. Go to desktop inside the folder with my files and choose a color

open the folder and click on the file

12) You should see the image is changed. Now go up and click Archive and choose Save

13)Ok the archive is saved and you can close it .

14) To have the front neon on a car in the game you should go to choose a front bumper ****HOW I SAID THE INTENSITY OF THE COLOR AND THE SIZE CHANGE BY THE FRONT BUMPER****


1) Open again NFS-TexEd.exe and go in the same folder and open the same file

2)Do the same thinghs which you do first but this time look for the files: GRILL_01

3)You have to look inside the folder whith my files and open the folder grill and import files one by one

Example: If you selected GRILL_01 You have to import grill_01

OK that's all

NFS-TexEd v0.9.0 was created by nfsu360 so i have to say thank you because it's a very good programm

The other files was created by me BMW33

I hope you enjoy it




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