EA has released the need for speed underground 2 v1.2 patch today. You can get the patch here, http://www.eagames.com/official/nfs/underground2/us/patches.jsp.


Increase performance on NVIDIA 6800 series cards running on high resolution.

Bug Fixes:

Game crashing under certain conditions in Online Lobby for game running on Windows 98 and Windows ME.

An internet connection is no longer required to host LAN games.

A change in the UI relating to people convicted of cheating. People convicted of chronic cheating will no longer be flagged, as there was a bug early on that would convict people of cheating even when they did not cheat.

Well today I got an email from an ea about an upcoming patch for nfsu2, you can read the details below.

As I know many of you are curious, there is a patch in the works for Underground 2 on PC. (Sorry, no console patching, just the PC version.)

The patch is currently in CQC undergoing testing. I dont have an exact date for release, but given were trying to coordinate this release for all applicable territories, its taking a couple weeks. Now for the info youve all been waiting for, what the patch will fix.
1) A fix for the nVidia 6800. Currently it performs worse than the ATI X800 but it should be faster (and is, post patch ;)

2) A fix for the crash reported on Me/98 where A creates a room (default circuit, also in all following cases), B joins, B leaves and creates a room, A leaves and joins Bs room. B selects A and does a view track map. The game crashes.

3) A patch to how players convicted of cheating are treated. What we will now do is have the game cram 0 into the counter of the number of times the player has been convicted of cheating. That number is used to alter the color of the players name on the UI as their percentage of cheats to total races increases. It will not stop the cheat detection from working. Players will still get disqualified, and the cheat detection code will still run. Chronic cheaters just wont be visible to others when they join a game.

4) A fix to the hosting of LAN games. An internet connection is no longer required to host LAN games.

Apart from the patch, we can continue to adjust the servers cheat detection to try and limit the number of false DQs we are getting.

As of right now that is all the information we have, We will be getting more information when it becomes available.



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