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Unique Visual Upgrades Unlocker

Need For Speed Underground

Need For Speed Underground
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Unique Visual Upgrades Unlocker

With this tool you're able to unlock all of the unique visual upgrades for your SaveGame permanently.

Wide Body Kits

How to Unlock:

The Unlocker only works with NFS Underground 1.1001.0, but the unlocked content will be unlocked for all versions by following the instructions below.

TIP: If you want to update NFS Underground, you may update the game before you follow the instructions.

HINT: Each of the Visual Upgrades will be only shown in the selected Profile when you have won the specific race that would reward you with these upgrades.This is only important to know for those who wanna use it for a not completed Underground Mode.


Everyone who plays the game with 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 follow these "# Important" instructions to have all Unique Upgrades unlocked for your version.

# Important: Go to the directory of NFS Underground and rename the speed.exe!

1.Insert your second disc of the game into your drive.
2.Open the "My Computer" and right click on the drive where you inserted the disc.
3.Choose to "Open".
4.Copy and Paste the Speed.exe into the directory of NFS Underground.
5.Launch the Unlocker and then launch the game.
6.Select the Profile
7.Minimize the game and click on the upgrades you wanna unlock.

Note: Unlock one Unique Spoiler at a time, you can unlock all three but one won't be displayed.

8.Check out if the unique upgrades are unlocked.
9.Save your Profile.
10. Quit the Game.

11. Rename the (1.1001.0) Speed.exe.
12. Rename the other Speed.exe you've usually used to play to Speed.exe or the name you used for it to play the game.

13.Run the Game.

If you use a No CD Speed.exe to play, you may remove the disc out of your drive before launching.

The unique upgrades should be remained unlocked.


# The original author of the unlocker is Bloodynames78.
# Tutorial written by Cheetahboy.



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