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Honda S2000 Full Tweaked

Need For Speed Underground

Need For Speed Underground
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Honda S2000 Full Tweak

It's a file that will change the textures of the car, and some
other settings.

What will it change?
- New stock colour (based on Spoon's S2000);
- Lower suspension;
- New textures: Brakelights and headlights WITH ON/OFF SYSTEM
New wheels textures (they are darker now)
New neon texture
Some other bits

How I install this?
-First, let's do the suspension and colour to become like the mod says.
You will need CfgEd (that is already included in the file) and load
GlobalB.Izc. Then, select S2000 and import car config. Import
's2000_tweaked.u1car' (that you must extract) and save.
-Once done, let's change the textures: export TEXTURES inside the folder textures
(…) to C/(…)/NFS Underground/Cars/S2000.

NOTE: -If you don't like it, and you forgot to make backups, don't worry:
The zip file has a backup of the 2 files. Just follow the same steps of installations,
but with backups.

-Pictues of the ON/OFF brakelight's system are selected in order to the brakelights that appear in the costumization room, so, 1st pic in free roam showing the brakelight ON, is the system in 1st pic in showroom showing brakelights OFF, etc.

-Anything just PM me :)

- DO NOT UPLOAD THIS ANYWERE ELSE WITHOUT PM ME! (just want you to know even if you pm me because of that, I will not let you)

Hope you like ;)


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