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NFS Underground: Free Roam Mod Beta 2.0

Need For Speed Underground

Need For Speed Underground
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NFS Underground: Free Roam Mod Beta 2.0
By: hockeyguy731, konigsseg, BojanV03

Special thanks to: 379Felipe & DennisStanistan for their help in earlier versions of the mod.
-Added functionality to fully free roam (without the need of any trainers) 
-Olympic City
-Industrial Drift
-Parkade Drift

-Support for all game versions of NFS Underground on PC.

1. Go to your NFS Underground Installation directory.
If you did not manually change it, it will be under the following directories:
32-bit: Local Disk (C:), Program Files, EA Games
64-bit: Local Disk (C:), Program Files(x86), EA Games

2. Go to the GLOBAL folder and make a backup of the GLOBALB.BUN and GLOBALB.lzc.
Then, extract GLOBALB.BUN and GLOBAL.lzc from the GLOBAL folder in the archive to the GLOBAL folder in your installation directory.

3. Go to the TRACKS folder:
Extract ALL of the files from the TRACKS folder in the archive to the TRACKS folder in your installation directory.

4. Run the NFSU1WrongWayRemover.exe provided in the archive as an administrator.
i.   Locate your game .exe file inside the program ("Speed.exe" inside your installation folder)
ii.  The Patcher will run and remove the Wrong Way functionality from your game. 
iii. It will edit your program and create a backup file, with the .bak extension.

*****If you need to revert to your old .exe file, simply remove the .bak extension from the backup.*****

4. Launch NFS Underground, go to Free Run and there will be 3 tracks added to the menu. 

*****All of them have the name "Currently Selected Track"*****
Each track represents each of the free roam maps provided.

The list below shows the added free roam maps in order of HOW THEY APPEAR IN-GAME:
1. Olympic City
2. Industrial Drift
3. Parkade Drift

Below is a list of bugs/missing features that are currently known in this version:
-The minimap is not functional.
-You will ALWAYS respawn in the area of Market Street.
-Some roads are simply NOT accessible because they were never completed in the original game.
-Traffic only drives around the Market Street area.
-Textures are missing in the Drift Free Roam maps.
-Streetlights missing in parts of the city.
Future Plans for Project:
-add traffic functionality to the entire city
-add ability to be able to be reset in respect to the area you are driving in
-complete the roads that were never completed by EA in the original game. i.e. The Chinatown Hill Road.
-add the streetlights to the entire city


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