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Volkswagen Golf R '10 - [OUTDATED]

Need For Speed Underground

Need For Speed Underground
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Volkswagen Golf VI R '10
by Ti-Sonic
For NFS Underground

Model from FM4 , No Limits , Shift 2:U and some 3d parts by me
Replaces : Volkswagen Golf GTI (GOLF) 

2024 NOTICE : This mod is basically outdated, and if it happens to someone to still use it, i'd advise getting rid of it completely. 
It may re-appear but will probably be in an addon form, with better support and functions. Current version has been removed too.

Still not authorized to put this mod in modpacks, you've been warned.

Customizations :
Everything apart window & quarter decals.

Features :
- All effects enabled
- Anti-theft 3d logo
- Some parts made by me
- New wheel positions
- Roofscoops are racing seats + steering wheel
- Specific spoilers
- Correct ride height (no scraping on the floor in races)
- Black rims (the original version was silver)
- Default color : "R" Blue
- HD Volkswagen secondary logo

Known bugs:
- No exhaust flames. Since the bupmers feature different types of exhausts , allowing exhaust flames would result in ingame exhausts protruding through these custom exhausts , so i disabled them.
How to Install or uninstall:
It was all in the ReadMe file.


Thanks to :
- Tails for his help (thanks dude !)
- DMN & EA/Firemonkeys , SMS for the models ans some textures.
- Me for some models and textures.
- nfsu360 for his tools.
- Black Box for NFSUG, Shift:2 & NO Limits.
- RENESiS for his installer.
- Thanks to those who supported me and the modders who gave me tips and advices.

This mod was tested only on the version 1.4 of Underground.
Enjoy ! 
Thanks for download!!

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