Jaguar made its name by producing a series of eye-catching sports cars with amazing performance. The XKR was first introduced in the late 90’s with a supercharged engine and since then, this desired luxury sportscar continues to evolve.

Driven by pure driving enthusiasts, the two door coupe has an aspirated V8 that produces 500+horsepower. It’s faster, sleeker and with more agility, Jaguar takes driving pleasure to an entire new level.

There's simply something chic about the Jaguar XKR. There's no questioning that this Tier2 cat is aggressive and subtle in a dominate way.

See if you can tame this Big Cat! To try, get yours today in the Car Dealer!

Are you ready to find your treasure a lot faster? Specifically designed to give players the edge while hunting for treasure, this tier 3 rocket will highlight treasure locations on your World Map and is the perfect car to find all your gems quickly!

Our Art Team has placed the signature black and green accents as well as a custom “Gem” vinyl on this big bull to give it that unique “Treasure Hunter” look. Outfitted with a gleaming green neon and custom plate, this custom Lambo is definitely one you will want in your collection.

To start hunting for treasure, go to the Car Dealer today. Happy Hunting!

NFS World has started to retire cars and will continue to do so on a weekly basis, so if you have had your eye on a certain beloved car, get it while you can!

With plenty of new cars being introduced weekly, we’ll look to “existing” cars and temporarily retire them. Owners of the retired cars will still be able to race them whereas others will need to wait until the car is once again available. Retired cars will become available again in the future, but at no guaranteed schedule. We will always give you a 1-week notice and list of the cars that are scheduled for retirement in the upcoming week. This gives you plenty of time to decide for yourself!

As of January 12th, the following cars will be retired from our current inventory and will not be purchasable until next year:

- Nissan Silvia Cop Car

- BMW 135i Art Director Car

- Aston Martin

- Aston Martin Cop car

To help our community get their hands on these cars before they’re gone, these cars will be on sale for 20% off ALL WEEK!!! Now is your chance so don’t miss out! Get these cars in your garage today!

Every gear head or pure car enthusiast needs to drive an Alfa once in their life. If you have that desire, the 8C Competizione is the perfect ride for you.

Powered by a 450 bhp V8 designed by in cooperation with Maserati, the Competizione remains true to its 8C heritage with amazing performance.

The 8C was intended to pay tribute to the Alfa Romeos’ of the past, and the illustrious manufacture has done so much more!

Delivering on core brand value, Alfa Romeo has created a masterpiece with the 8C Competizione.

Head over to the Car Dealer, strap yourself in and cruise in style!

The Super Snake has been the crown jewel of the Mustang line as the car that blends torque-twisting muscle with a supercar-like power-plant that very few cars can match.

The Super Snake outputs a striking 750 horsepower and features a subtle yet sleek set of body modifications. Widened arches, a new front bumper and rear quarter window intakes are just a few visual items that set this pony apart.

Featured in NFS The Run, this custom GT500 also features bespoke striping designed by resident vehicle designer Andy Blackmore, and is truly a sight (and sound) to behold.

We’re extremely excited to have this American muscle beauty in Need for Speed World.

To challenge other top Tier 3 contenders, go to the Car Dealer and get your hands on this beast!

Unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Auto Show, The Zonda F is one of the fastest supercars ever made. Built using Pagani's extensive experience in carbon fibre construction, the Zonda is a leader in regards to fit and finish.

Fine craftsmanship has gone into making this racing car light, luxurious and most importantly fast. Once you hit the throttle and the engine comes alive, you’ll literally feel like a jet that is about to take off with the unique high-pitch engine screaming all the way.

The amazing power inside the Zonda F is generated from the potent Mercedes–Benz V 12 engine, making this amazing sports car easily achieve top speeds in excess of 214 mph / 345 kph. Combine that with some performance parts and you are well on your way to the front of the pack.

With 650 bhp starting on tap, you will have no issues challenging the best in Tier 3! This super exotic is only available for a short period of time, so get yours while you can in the Car Dealer!

When Audi premiered its Quattro all-wheel drive system, it set the rally world on fire. So much that quattro is now added to all subsequent all-wheel drive Audi vehicles.

Powered by cross-flow inline 5 cylinder engines, this German coupe went down in history and took the racing world by storm. This vintage racer blazed the trail and set the standards for future AWD performance cars.

The Audi Quattro 20V is a concentrated high-tech package that confirms the Audi claim to technical leadership.

The quattro 20 V line is by far the most unique to drive so jump in and get yours today in the Car Dealer!

The Lotus Exige Cup 260 is one of the world’s premiere drivers’ cars.

The Art Director edition pays homage to Lotus’ racing pedigree. In a satin green finish with gold accented striping, this Lotus is clearly ready to rock from the circuits to the streets.

The Exige Cup 260 features aftermarket decals, a Union Jack theme and cool race numbers. The roof panel has been replaced with a composite carbon piece. The 2 tone BBS wheels are finished in a matte black with color-matched gold lips. As an added bonus, a Union Jack neon projects from beneath this track day monster.

Previously a Top-up car, gamers are now available to go directly to the Car Dealer and purchase this custom little rocket.

The Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Cop Edition, while a blast from the past, brings some modern flavor to historic law enforcement.

Designed for the track, the 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Cop is a true legend and one of the rarest Skyline models that ever existed, therefore, we have enlisted this Tier 1 racer to protect and serve the streets of NFS World.

Paying tribute to Japanese law enforcement and drift culture, this GT-R is ready to mix it up in any situation!

Known for its impeccable handling and dominance among other Tier 1 racers, don’t miss the opportunity to flash your red and blues while leading the pack!

The chase begins in the Car Dealer!

You may all be familiar with the Aftermarket Shop, which contains wonderful aftermarket parts that you need to make your car stand out from the crowd. You can change the entire shape of the car by installing a new Visual Package or add some extra flair with a bright car neon or colored window tints. You can even make a statement by adding a license plate which your opponents see when trying to catch you during a race.

Players can now earn Aftermarket parts from the Lucky Draw by completing Race and Pursuit events! Parts earned are added to the player’s Inventory in the Aftermarket Shop and can be installed onto any player car from there

Also, Aftermarket Packs have now been added to the game! Each pack contains a full set of Aftermarket Parts (Neon, Window Tint, Wheels, License Plate, Lowering Kit), including special items not found in the Store. You can access them from the same Card Pack store in your Safehouse or from the SpeedBoost store in game.

For a limited time only, a Christmas Special Pack is available for purchase and includes exclusive Christmas Neons and License Plates! There are 18 different types altogether, so collect them all today!



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