NFS World has started to retire cars and will continue to do so on a weekly basis, so if you have had your eye on a certain beloved car, get it while you can!

With plenty of new cars being introduced weekly, we’ll look to “existing” cars and temporarily retire them. Owners of the retired cars will still be able to race them whereas others will need to wait until the car is once again available. Retired cars will become available again in the future, but at no guaranteed schedule. We will always give you a 1-week notice and list of the cars that are scheduled for retirement in the upcoming week. This gives you plenty of time to decide for yourself!

As of December 30th, the following cars will be retired from our current inventory and will not be purchasable until next year:

- Lotus Evora

- Nissan Fairlady

- Porsche Cayman S Shift

To help our community get their hands on these cars before they’re gone, these cars will be on sale for 30% off ALL WEEK!!! Now is your chance so don’t miss out! Get these cars in your garage today!

Tier 3 gets another new model with this year’s 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S! For its debut, this prestigious racer gets a dose of winter style and gets the highly anticipated title of the “Snowflakes” big brother!

This year’s Snowflake will definitely resonate through the snow covered golf course. With the trademark burble of the horizontally opposed flat 6 echoing in the distance, you won’t just look cool, you’ll also sound amazing while flying by your friends.

This custom Porsche takes design and performance to a whole new level. Outfitted with a snowflake projected neon and custom winter livery sets the perfect mode for racing over this holiday season!

Get yours today when you Top-Up!

It’s #TweetItUpThursday, so how about we give away some codes for the Porsche GT3 RS!

What is Tweet It Up Thursday?

Every Thursday, we’ll tweet something on Twitter and all you need to do is simply retweet that message in order to become eligible for a random draw for a promo code.

How do I participate?

Step 1. Follow @NFSWorld on Twitter

Step 2. Click the Retweet button, found just underneath our post (between Favourite and Reply)

Step 3. Voila! You're automatically entered into our random draw for the week

If you've seen our interactive trailer, you'll know why we're giving away 25 Porsche GT 3 RS codes! If you haven't, click here to check it out! For more chances to win, follow producer @marcdevellis on Twitter, as he'll also be giving away 10 codes.

One retweet is all that's needed. Anyone spamming our Twitter will be automatically disqualified.

This week’s Tweet It Up Thursday ends Friday December 15 at 1pm PST! Winners will be announced Friday afternoon!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more exclusive content!



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