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Honda S2000

Need For Speed World

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Need For Speed World
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Car model replacement for Need for Speed: World (Honda S2000)


2001 - Honda S2000

Converted from Need for Speed: ProStreet by FabulousMissLuna (aka Seele)


Replaces: Porsche 911 Turbo ( 997TT )


3 Body kits:


• Custom Kit based on the stock body, removes most of the badges for a clean look.
• Plastic parts replaced with Carbon fiber materials
• Carbon fiber exhaust tips
• 8 point roll cage
• Lip spoiler
Verge Wide:

•Full custom wide body kit with a NFS tuner look

Glint Wide:

• Replaces car body with a full racing one.
• Striped down interior
• Seats replaced with a single carbon racing seat (can be painted)
• 14 point roll cage
• Racing equipment
• Custom steering wheel
• Chassis spoiler (supports vinyls)
• Headlight glass can be tinted (it's tied to the windshield colors)

• 11 Hoods, there are missing hood models, but don't worry i left something down there for your eyes to compensate the lack of hoods.
everything else is supported.

Known Issues

• Wide kits carskin UV are a little off, i tried to repair this the best i could, but it won't ruin your vinyls.
• Car visual damage might be off, i haven't tested this.
• No exhaust nitrous FX for Verge kit, i have no idea about this one.
• Some body parts might be miss aligned.
• Vinyls cannot be applied.
• Verge wide has missing triangles in the car bottom part, but you won't be able to notice this unless you manage to flip your car.
• Some parts are "missing" this is normal; I can't add more geometry into the car. if i do, CarToolKit will tell me i'm above the size limit.

Create backup of your files

here is a list of what you should backup:
Attributes.bin, FE_Attrib.bin, Gameplay.bin, Gameplay.lzc, GlobalB.bun, GlobalB.lzc
I highly suggest to backup 997TT's Geometry.bin & Texture.bin in case if you want the original car back or you want to add vinyls into it.
If you are going to add vinyls into your car switch the old files back, add your vinyls, then repace it again. Use VinylManager to tweak your vinyls without having to revert & replace your car multiple times.

Verge Wide paintable parts


As i mentioned up there, some parts can be painted, this can be done with vinyls.

Rollcage: move the vinyl under the front bumper
Seat: move the vinyl under the rear bumper
Spoiler: move the vinyl to the rear windshield
Spoiler sides: move the vinyl under the rear bumper sides(behind the rear wheels), this one can be tricky, UVs are set quite far away so you'll have to take your time.

• Me
• Osprey22 (Advise)
• NFSU360 (CarToolKit 2.0 & NfsVltEd)
• Blackbox (Models)

Installation instructions on the README.txt file.


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