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Yes, I know there are some mods of this car already. In fact, the M3 from Ti-Sonic and FabulousMissLuna is awesome, but it's been made to replace the BMW M6, and the other M3GTRs I've seen have details I don't like at all, so I decided to mod the M3 on my own. 
Oh, and you can improve my mod and/or use it as a base for your modifications if you feel it's worth it, feel free to do so if you want. The car was created by Black Box devs, I just modded it to my own taste.

My mod:
After the legendary "nfsu360" uploaded "NFS Car-Toolkit 2.7" I was finally able to fix one annoying bug  and finish this mod to upload it :) 
This is another M3 GTR that comes from the unfinished car in NFS World 2011. For the most part it was ok, however the interior came from NFS Carbon, meaning that the interior textures are not well mapped (you can see this in NFS Carbon if you watch closely the door panels of the M3 there). In addition, many textures weren't adapted to NFS World at that time, so I made various changes trying to make it fit in NFS World aesthetics but retaining its original details as much as possible.

- Original textures but adapted to World aesthetics and with carbon textures fixed (spoiler, headlights, brakelights  and interior).
- Interior mesh and rollcage from the M3 of NFS Most Wanted 2005 (they have correctly mapped textures). I left the central rear view mirror from NFS Carbon though as it wasn't mapped in MW.
- Driver from NFS Undercover (I had conversion errors trying to fix and put the original one from MW, sorry).
- Can be modified almost the same way the original "Street" M3 can be:
    - Customizable spoilers, hoods (1), wheels, neons, window tints, height and license plates.
    - Customizable vinyls
    - Stock carbon hood I've mapped, with a paintable front grill.
    - Paintable stock wheels.
    - The front and rear bumpers and the hood can be painted separatedly.

Known bugs
- If you paint it gloss white, it will look strange, but it is a problem of NFS CarToolkit, not mine.

Instructions (2.1. is important)
To install this mod:

1.- Look for the place where you installed the game files (It is often C:/ProgramData/Need For Speed World/Data) and then move the folder "BMWM3GTR" inside the folder "CARS". Replace everything if asked.

2.- If you want the height and the wheels to be fixed just as in the images, extract to your desktop the "M3 GTR wheels placement and height.nfsms" file, then download "NFS-VLTEd 4.6" from NFSU360, then open the program and afterwards follow these steps closely (if you don't know how to use it):
File -> Open -> Search and then click on the folder where your gamefiles are located (often being Need for Speed World/Data), then click on accept -> Once it loads, click on File again -> Import -> Modscript -> Look for the "M3 GTR wheels placement and height.nfsms" you extracted -> Accept -> Install -> File -> Save

2.1.- Please note that in Soapbox Race World you should "disable ModNet" in your launcher if you want step 2 to work. If you don't, the M3 will probably appear a little bit higher off the ground than it should be.

You're done. Enjoy :)


"nfsu360" for NFS Car Toolkit v2.7
Oleg Melashenko for ZModeler v2.2.6
Former Black Box devs who made this iconic BMW back in 2005



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