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Mazda RX-7 FC3S - Opened pop-up headlights version #5 (v1.1)

Need For Speed World

Need For Speed World
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This is the fifth vehicle of a series dedicated to fix cars with pop-up headlights. The problem with some of them is that their pop-up headlights are always closed when they should be open, as there is a day-night cycle in this game and cars like the MR2, the AE86 and the RX-7 (FD) have them opened without issues. I'm just bringing the consistency Black Box didn't have when they modeled these cars into the game.


- Pop-up headlights from NFS World… And this time they were fully mapped and textured, just closed.

- A couple of fixes for the aftermarket bodykit and the 3D mesh. This bodykit was unfinished as you may know already, so I had to use its counterpart from NFS Shift 2 to complete it. In addition, the dark space between the wheels and the wheel arches is not bright anymore. It is black, as it should be.

- A bonus "hidden" wide bodykit from NFS Shift 2 for those people who don't mind using Cheat Engine or Car Changer to install aftermarket parts that cannot be installed otherwise. The best thing about this is that I've modded it so that it doesn't need NFS-VltEd for the wheels placement. Check out the Photos section for more instructions on how to put it on. - For advanced modders, the wheels placement is coincidentally configured already as if this bodykit was planned by Black Box devs to be in the game as a "Wizen Wide Bodykit" or Wide Bodykit Nº 5. As a result, I just had to name it "KITW05" in ZModeler and the bodykit was set as if it had always belonged there. I'm pretty convinced that this car was left unfinished by Black Box, as many other things in the game… -

- v1.1: A couple of mapping fixes for the standard aftermarket bodykit that I've missed.


- It's compatible with SoapBox Race World. As with the rest of my mods, I've just modified the geometry and the textures of the car, the performance hasn't been touched. However, please note that the bonus wide bodykit wasn't there before, so only you and the people who have the mod will be able to see this kit online. If you don't like that extra bodykit I've added, then you don't have to worry about anything because this wide bodykit can only be installed with the use of external tools :)

- If you feel it's worth it, feel free to modify, improve and/or publish this and the rest of my mods wherever you want. 


To install this mod put the contents of this zip inside: (Your game files folder) / CARS / CAR1026 and replace the files inside (always make backups).


"nfsu360" for NFS Car Toolkit.
Oleg Melashenko for ZModeler.
Slightly Mad Studios for the bodykits.
Former Black Box devs for creating this car.

Have fun with it :D


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