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Mitsubishi Lancer (Mirage)Report

  • Author: Ark-X Stylizer
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  • Game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted Most Wanted
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  • File Size: 1.52 MB
  • Added: 2/5/2008 12:17 AM
  • Downloads: 10012 (0 this week)
  • Views: 135299 (13 this week)
  • Brand: Mitsubishi
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  • Class: AA
  • Uploaded By: SLZ Roadstar
  • Approved By: Mike343

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This car was originally converted to Need for Speed : High Stakes from Toca Race Driver 2 by Krystoff. I have successfully converted it to Need for Speed : Most Wanted. SO a huge lot of thanks to him for the mesh as well as the textures.

1:)Krystoff for the whole car - mesh as well as textures.
2:)Amir GTR for making the main screenshot.
So a very hearty thanks from me to both of them.

This car is known as Mitsubishi Lancer in some parts of the world.


1:)Copy modloader & d3d9.dll to your NFS9:MW directory.
2:)Make a new folder ADDONS in your NFS9:MW directory.
3:)In the ADDONS folder again make a new folder called CARS_REPLACE.
4:)Copy the folder BMWM3GTR inside the CARS_REPLACE folder.
5:)Create a shortcut of Speed.exe. Speed.exe is inside your NFS9:MW directory. Right click on the shortcut & click on Properties. Then in the target box add '-mod' at the end without commas.
Then click on Apply & OK.
6:)Then run the game & go to the bonus car section. This car will be there.

Window tints.
Roof scoops.
Decals - Front Window & Rear Window.

You will need to download ShopSpezial in order to buy this car in career mode & also to customize it.

-Changed headlights.
-Changed some textures like interior, bottom,etc.
-Added 3d badging logos like Mitsubishi symbol & LANCER.
-New O.Z. rims from NFS:U.
-Added brake caliper n also changed its texture.

The car name doesnt appear in the game. It says 'FENG:Default String Error'. ALso the logos of the game still appear as M3 GTR. I dont know whats the problem. I am still searching the problem & once i fix it, i will reupload.

1:)You are not allowed to use any part of this car without my permission.
2:)You are not allowed to tune, modify or convert this car to other games without the permission of Krystoff. Don't ask me.
3:)You are free to upload this car to any website provided no file is changed.

My email should be used only for complaints & bug reports only. If you dont know how to install, then also email or ask in the comments. I will surely help. I dont accept any car requests. So all other emails including the requests one will be completely ignored.

- Ark-X SLZ
(Stingers Super Convertor)

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1 2/5/2008 4:21:00 AM


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2 2/5/2008 4:24:24 AM
Mr. Panoz

It looks cool, but it doesn't fit the Most wanted graphics, Plus, I don't think many people want to switch an M3 for a Mitsubishi Lancer :-S

Though, the car itself is nice ;)

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3 2/5/2008 5:13:03 AM

It's a shame u replaced the M3 :( but nice Lancer Though

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4 2/5/2008 8:21:57 AM
absclaw gt

nice car , but tryreplacing something else next time...

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5 2/5/2008 1:58:23 PM
Mr. The King

He Shoots, he scores! Give it up for Ark-X Stylizer!!!

8O WOW!!! Amazing! But, I agree with Mr. Panoz: Not as good as the other cars in MW; Still AWESOME!

And Agreeing with sergeimontoya: Shame it replaces M3, why not replace Lancer EVO?


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6 2/5/2008 8:31:14 PM

Good work SLZ. I like it.

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7 2/5/2008 11:46:29 PM
SLZ Roadstar

Hey people. I am glad that you liked this car. Thanks for your comments. ALso, i m extremely sorry. I will replace it to some other car & will reupload it. I lost Adobe Photoshop 7 & I had made textures.bin before. I had replaced it to BMW M3 before. So I had to replace it on BMW M3 only. Once I get Photoshop, i will change the car it replaces & also reupload it.

@Mr.Panoz & King I know. But its my favourite car present in India. So i converted it & decided to share it with you.

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8 2/6/2008 2:23:16 AM
absclaw gt

yeah i know its a car loved by all in india and i am happy that i can finally play with it in mw.

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9 2/6/2008 1:47:27 PM
Mr. The King

@Ark-X Stylizer: You're in India? Cool! How's 'bout making some Indian Tuners?

Anyway, still a great car; Hope you make more like this!

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10 2/7/2008 2:58:32 AM

@Mr. The King - Yeah I know, I thought he lived in America.
@SLZ - F'ing awesome!!!

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11 2/7/2008 4:39:37 AM
SLZ Roadstar

@absclaw gt ARe you an indian? DO you live in India?

@Mr.The King Ya. I am indian. MY profile clearly shows that i have put my location as Mumbai,India. I was thinking like you only to launch some indian good looking tuners.

@nfsm654 Thanks. I wish i would live in AMerica. Maybe settle there after my exams. HEHE.

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12 2/10/2008 12:11:52 AM

i dont think it is bad

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13 2/10/2008 1:45:19 AM

@SLZ - No prob, put Australia in your second spot, it's a excellent place to live. I live in Australia. There's anice town I visited on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. I think it's Goondiwindi. (I THINK, not 100% sure, but 95% sure...) It's population is around 5 200. (I found out on the web, good old INet). And no I'm not Kevin Rudd lookin in awkward places trying to get people moving here, I'm just a citizen, suggesting to a friend that it's a great place to live. Well... Thanks for reading SLZ...

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14 2/11/2008 2:46:31 PM

other topic:
great car Ark-X; to win races i don't need nitro anymore!!
the performance is great and handling is very exactly/good!!

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15 2/24/2008 4:08:07 AM
Lil' Ned

@Ark-X Stylizer: There was a cool little Indian car, looks like an MR2 Spyder...damn I don't remember.

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16 3/8/2008 3:41:40 PM

thats an Indian Lancer.Im from India anyway.

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17 3/11/2008 7:46:13 AM

hi your car is very very awesome

BTW we also have that kind of Mitsubishi Lancer here in the Philippines

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18 9/3/2008 12:14:40 AM

I hope there comes an addon wherein it is all INITIAL D cars

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19 3/7/2009 12:38:47 AM

Ark-X Stylizer Plz help me i cant rename the target to -mod can u help me???

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20 11/20/2011 12:24:23 AM

can you make a 2door version of this?

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