Hello members ,
Thanks to a member of our community , Hyvelez, we are now proud to announce you that you can join a Discord Server based on that episode of NFS.

It also covers NFS 1, NFS 2 and NFS HS, with daily activity.

Here goes the link to join it :

Also don't forget to join our community Discord Server :


i have just recently been added to the staff here at nfscars and i am glad to be here, well my first update is here, small, but here, it includes a few nice imports by Ryuji Kainoh. I will be adding more nfs3 cars so everone who still plays that game stay tuned!!



Hot Pursuit Latest Cars

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Peugeot 104 ZS2
Peugeot 104 ZS2

Opus IV, mk2
Jan 09, 2019

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Fiat Nuova 500
Fiat Nuova 500

Mikken, Opus IV
Dec 19, 2018

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Ferrari 355 F1 (alternate version)
Ferrari 355 F1 (alternate version)

giulliano L
Apr 18, 2018

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Ferrari 355 F1
Ferrari 355 F1

giulliano L
Apr 15, 2018


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