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Nov 7, 2013

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Mazda RX-8 BATmo-project by Alex.Ka.
Replacement for RX8

CHANGES: Batmobile stylization.
Yellow forward optics.
Dark back optics.
Black disks with a yellow inking.
Rear-view mirrors with a black silhouette of a bat.
New emblems and inscriptions on a body (BATMAN).
Steel emblem of a bat on a radiator lattice.
And other fine details...
Car new the logo in safehouse.
Productivity characteristics are changed.
Wheels are increased and expanded.
New shades of paint (pure color vinyls) are added
New sound of the engine and
possibility of purchase in a beginning of the career. the price is $1.

copy from archive the RX8 folder in Need for Speed Most Wanted\ADDONS
after we start game.

!!!as in the "heavy version" folder
I made special settings of physics and management for this car.
what to use them, you have to replace the ATTRIBUTES file in the RX8 folder.

Use of this car requires established ModLoader!

model: EA standard car of NFSMW
author of new registration and control: Alex.Ka.


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about 3 years ago.


He He... you're right , only in real life the angle of the wheels may affect the handling...(now i realise what a foolish thing i said first lol).
A very big THANK YOU for sharing the sounds and tips. I tried some of them and...IT WORKS. Much respect for guys like you who makes nfs games immortal.

Drak Gol
about 3 years ago.

Drak Gol

I don't think that the inclination of wheels influences in game management.
in reality it is possible.
most likely this problem in control of a suspension bracket and speed of turn of a wheel (which I adjust a little more rigidly than usually in game).

you can try to correct it:
open through the Notepad program the ATTRIBUTES file
find such line
## TENSOR_SCALE; seems to be overall handling speed scale balancing
## bigger 2nd value is the slower the car will respond to steering input
## countered by increasing of 1st and 3rd value
patch float bin:0x30ad0 3.30
patch float bin:0x30ad4 2.0
patch float bin:0x30ad8 3.30
patch float bin:0x30adc 0

remove it completely and keep the document.
then test a car in game.
I hope it to you will help.
to level wheels:
as in this document find a line
## CamberRear; angle between the vertical axis of the wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle
## positive values for bottom of wheel being further out than top, negative for opposite effect
## common value is 0.18
patch float bin:0x3fdc8 0.9

## CamberFront; angle between the vertical axis of the wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle
## positive values for bottom of wheel being further out than top, negative for opposite effect
## common value is 0.22
patch float bin:0x3fdc0 0.6
- - - - -
you can remove any of them what to level,
respectively it is back and forward wheels.

lessons probably aren't present on change of sounds of the engine.
I studied everything.
but you can as to change it.

similar lines are responsible for a sound.
them can sometimes be three.
## engineaudio[2]
patch int32 bin:0x30cac 0x6aecaf5e

you need to replace simply a line (0x6aecaf5e)
on any other.

here options of sounds which I collected long time.
0x8d18f209 ferrari
0xb364c829 ferrari
0x3c908202 rigid sportcar universal
0x43f96e04 toyota celica
0xa8f292cc toyota celica
0x6f1563c2 shellby & old cars
0xeff995dd shellby
0xf6a7f776 new shellby
0xe2b372ce truck
0x799fb9ea bmw
0x6aecaf5e drag & rat-rods (mazda batmo)
0x7a947ab6 audi
0xa8764e43 mitsubishi hard
0x3b8f25af mitsubishi soft
0x3f7db81a soft nissan, audi, mersedes
0xc34e4550 nissan 240 hard
0x896ad470 nissan gtr, supra, diablo

about 3 years ago.



got it...thank's man...being dowloading...


Drak Gol
about 3 years ago.

Hey Alex.Ka. i just tested your car and i have 1 question for you: can you fix the rear wheels so they can have vertical (normal) position bcz it affects the handling of the car really bad i think - the steering is a challenge...
Everithing else is perfect, especially that amazing sound ( btw where can i found a tutorial for changeing the car sounds? )

about 3 years ago.


mia's nsx is removed with SLZ roadstar.
because it is its original work (acura) which I changed for mia's nsx.
but I had no opportunity to ask permissions to uploading, and SLZ roadstar thought that I steal its work.
I only want to give to fashions the second life without appropriating them.
also shares as with others.
specifying the original author and a link to file.

but it appears I have no such rights, - better to do the world:/
silly rules of system...

about 3 years ago.


a question for you...

what about the rival's and mia's change too...?

i don't say this mod's a bad thing...

jusy want to ask before download...

by the way...this car makes me dying to use it...

it's cooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mazda RX-8 BATmo-project
Mazda RX-8 BATmo-project
Mazda RX-8 BATmo-project
Mazda RX-8 BATmo-project

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