NFS PU Enchanced Patch V3.5



Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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Aug 26, 2009

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This will enable the Showroom in all Modes


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about 3 years ago.

what keyboard buttons are the shortcut buttons? like the race reset shortcut is __...

ND4SPD Racer
about 5 years ago.

Is there any no-cd patch for this? The exe is different from the normal V3.5

about 5 years ago.

@TUDOR_T_BEST you can try unzipping it to the main directory of porsche

about 5 years ago.

*sigh* yeah it would be cool if it actually worked... when I try to install it it gives me some bulls*it about installing the game from CD, was it so hard to put a ''select directory'' thing in it -.-?

about 6 years ago.

qoute from readme

Game Enhancements:

Windows 2000/XP support

Game play Enhancements:

Game Control shortcuts
84-car limit
Sell with the current value
Repair with OVERALL selected

Race Enhancements:

Car control after the finish
Full screen racer/in-car view
Race reset shortcut
Using digital game pad controllers
Digital meter with analog meters
Dashboard meters/headlight bug fix

Replay Enhancements:

Re-play the replay
Exit to Windows from replay
HUD for Replay Analysis
Summary in replay
Paused replay's end
Dashboard view in replay
Game controller 'View' in replay
Secondary controls in replay
Multilayer input exchange replay
Longer save replay filenames
Better lists
Better clicks
HUD configuration are saved in replay
Use HUD config 1 when no hud file

Other Enhancements:

Showcase in the Garage and Used Car

about 6 years ago.

what does the patch do?

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