Beware The Ban Hammer

February 22nd 2012

Beware the Ban Hammer!

NFSW currently has 11M registered users and continues to grow every week. To ensure that the overall game experience remains fun and more importantly, fair, we have been banning hackers on a regular basis. However, with the significant growth and popularity of the game, there has been an even greater increase in the number of hackers. We understand that players using such hacks negatively affect gameplay.

Rest assured, we are committed to creating the best experience possible and upholding the integrity of our Terms of Service. Steps are being taken by our Security Team to find and extract hackers or anyone violating the ToS on a daily basis.

All accounts that have been caught hacking or using third-party hacks will be permanently suspended. This includes both IGC and SpeedBoost players.

So, Don’t Cheat. Just Compete!

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