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Found a bug on the site? Have a great idea for the site? Put it in here!

General NFS Community Discussion

Discuss everything related to Future Need For Speed developments, Case Studies, and Racing Events, which are not covered in other specific forums

General NFS Discussion (2007- Current)

General Need For Speed Discussion of Titles Ranging from 2007 to the Most Current.

Members Racing Events

Organizing a online racing event? Post about it in here.

NFSCars Weekly Wrap

The forum of the NFSCars Weekly Wrap!

NFS: Rivals

Discuss the latest announced part of the NFS franchise here!

NFS: The Run
NFS: Shift 2

Discuss anything related to Shift 2: Unleashed.

NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

This is a forum for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit title developed by Criterion Games.

NFS: Shift

Discussion about One of the Three titles released in 2009.

NFS: Pro Street

Post everything related to Need For Speed: Pro Street in here.

NFS: World

Discuss about the Free to play Online Only Racing game.

NFS: Nitro

Discuss the Nintendo's Exclusive Need For Speed here.

NFS: Undercover

Post everything related to Need For Speed: Undercover in here.

NFS: Mobility & Handheld

Discuss anything regarding the Mobility and Hand held Need for Speed titles here.

NFS: 2015

Discuss the second title of Ghost games and a notable return of the franchise to the Undergound-esk era of customisation

NFS: Payback

Discuss the latest announced part of the NFS franchise here!

NFS: Case Study

This forum will be used to discuss future ideas and concepts, and weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each, which will provide a quality detailed list to forward to the Developers.

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