Essence Of Pure Racing Glory

March 16th 2012

The Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 “Enduro” edition is your track-prepped racer! It was the go-to car for the private racer in the 70’s and we are proud to offer you this completely custom version in NFS World.

Porsche engineers stripped out the non-essentials and with a liberal use of lighter thinner composites and alloys, shedding a great deal of weight off of the road-going 911.

With a HP/Liter rating of 110bhp, the 3.0l engine rocketed the car into the history books of racing..

This car sports a satin grey and black two tone finish, coupled with a red key line to pick out the unique details. The race livery features sponsor logos and a 999 race number. The red underbody glow and jet black license plate matches the two tone BBS wheels with black centers and satin red lips.

Turn heads while leaving your competition in the dust! Gets yours in the Car Dealer today!

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