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March 8th 2019

As some of you may have noticed our forums are unavailable. That is due to many things. But first and foremost it was due to a high spam account wave creating literally thousands of posts and slowing servers down and our ability to moderate and control the forums. Due to us having little control over what was being done because of an exploit which was not thought of initially for this new site and forum, us the NFSCars staff decided to temporarily shut down the forums until the site owner creates a fix for these lingering issues.

Be sure we are doing what we can to keep this site running and be a place where you can share your passion for this amazing game franchise we all grew to love and be a part of. So in some time the forums will be opened up again. When? We dont know for sure as all our staff has their own real life things and we can get busy but we are working on it. In the meanwhile you can still use the Shoutbox to discuss topics and thoughts you have and the showroom to share things (keep it ingame please) with the rest of the community and use the comments to interact. Apologies for the inconvenience and have a great day!

NFSCars staff

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