Screenshot contest #8 Results

June 16th 2019

So the Screenshots Contest #7 has concluded too. Thank you everyone for entering and well done to all!!! See you in the next one!

WINNER 1st place: BloodyThunderX
Votes: 16


2nd place: r7val (Entry #5)
3rd place: SaekwanB (Entry #4)
4th place: dropdeadgore (Entry #6)
5th place: AndreyWolf (Entry #8)
6th place: FrankyGTAandMore (Entry #7)
7th place: LRF Works (Entry #3)
8th place: YochiThMaster333 (Entry #2)
9th place: Night Beauty (Entry #1)
10th place: Firgy (Entry #11)
11th place: Greger (Entry #9)

Screenshot Contest #9

Next theme: Blue
More detail: Basically any car in blue paint.
Deadline: 20th of June

Send your entries privately to me, Greger on this site or on Discord via Personal Messages.

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