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May 27, 2015, 2:07 p.m.

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New Textures for 2015 Ford Mustang GT (Part 2)

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Sorry for not uploading enough previews; this is simply due to my laziness ;/

Anyway, this is "Part 2" of my retexturing on this 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

Since "Part 1" centers around those new parts I've installed, "Part 2" centers around new liveries I've made!!!

What are the retextures?:
-Applied the following liveries to the following bodykits EXCEPT bodykits 3 and 4:
-Bodykit #1: Same as Bodykit #3, except it has negative counterpart colors
-Bodykit #2: Rainbow Dash
-Bodykit #5: Need For Speed Movie Characters
-New plates!!!

-Texture in Bodykit #5 is MESSED UP…! (I DON'T think I can fix this bug, because I've got more retextures to do other than being lazy :3)

Steps to install:

Step 1: Go to Corvettez06's garage and install 2015 Ford Mustang GT (The car that the mod replaces is just like what you've seen in "Part 1"…)

Step 2: Copy the TEXTURE file and paste it to the car that the mod replaces. (Remember to read "Step 1"!!!)

Corvettez06 - 2015 Ford Mustang GT
Duke Graphics - Photo of Need For Speed Movie Characters
EA Black Box - Need For Speed World License Plate
Ghost Games - Need For Speed Rivals License Plate
Hoppip - License Plate from Rainbow Dash's kart
nfsu360 - Texed
Martin Wright Graphics - DXT Bitmap
playername44 - Retexturing this car for Carbon


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