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NFS Carbon No Traffic Mod

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Need for Speed Carbon  - AI Traffic on\off MOD (tested on NFSC v1.2 - v1.3 - v1.4)
The MOD should work on all versions. If it does not work, run the NFSC.exe as ADMIN.

File Descriptions:

NFSC_Traffic_REMOVE.exe will modify the NFSC GlobalMemoryFile.bin file (located in the \Global subdirectory of your game's installation folder) and disable the in-game AI Traffic. 

NFSC_Traffic_RESTORE.exe will reverse the changes made by NFSC_Traffic_REMOVE.exe and re-enable in-game traffic. 

To install, open **"NFSC_Traffic_REMOVE"**, click **"Patch it"** below (error dialog will appear, IGNORE it). Window will then pop up. Locate your "Global" folder in the game directory and click on "GlobalMemoryFile.bin". That's it. 

To uninstall, repeat same steps for installation. 

- NOTE: This will NOT remove cops. They will still roam around Palmont City. Also if you plan on turning AI traffic on\off frequently you may want to place both of these files in your Need for Speed Carbon \GLOBAL subdirectory and create desktop shortcuts to them.

If there're any  problems, let me know or let me know right here.
sorry for any bad english bcos i'm asian :P

Hope you enjoy it.
Credits - Bytes for Traffic Remove Mod
EA - Need For Speed Carbon 
(P.S. administrators if I am missing any credits, pls let me know and I will edit desc.)


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