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NFSMW VLT Patch 4.2 rev 1

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Hello everyone again, Here is very early sneak peek on community patch 1.4 made by me (not actually). 

Dont expect to have much features like carbon. because some features can only be changed at the cost of incompatibility save game file. But dont worry, this wont have any compatibility issues.


1. Now cops will appear in some of blacklist races.

2. Heat level upto 10 is unlocked (other file) but the problem final epic pursuit is locked at heat 6 (facepalm). so i seperated the files with locked and unlocked heat levels. 
in unlocked heat level files, when entering safehouse, the heat will reset to 5 as i havent figured it out where it stores heat data. and yeah no fix for 0 bounty.
the cop pattern is changed in unlocked heat file. hope you can evade it :)

3. BMW now sounds like it sounded in beta.
the street version uses one of my experimented sound files(only locked heat file version). so it is slightly buggy. This will give you idea why added unused sounds are unused.

4. Take a challenge of detach the trailer challenge! (only locked heat version)

5. Unused traffic added to city. just look out whom you collide with!

6. Earl should not be that much hard (only in locked heat file)

7. For Geeks - added every unused sound according to their respective abk files. 
the problem is I dont have knowledge of combination of acceltrans, ginsumix rpm, etc stuffs. if anybody knows, feel free to share so that more sounds can be used.
The major problem with abk and gin files is that audio for engine is stored in both gin file and abk file. and priority is first given to abk file so for example if i use cerbera gin file with corvette abk file, the car will sound more of corvette than cerbera(aka bmw original sound).
Another problem is as stated above, abk sound is prefered by game and there are limited abk files compared to available gin files in game. so some gin files remain unused.

List of still unused sound after addition (/dcl means its decelerating file along with its original gin file):
bronco comp
db9 upgrade /dcl
eclipse2000 v1
g35 ramp v1
gti 01b /dcl
gto 65 /dcl
itr pull 01cc
mustang gt c /dcl
por 928 v8
porsche cayenne /dcl

Note: i have added unused sounds, but is not used by any car and for test purpose i used it in bmw m3 street version.

First of all i am not in group of the community patch developer, i made this whole mod by myself, by my limited knowledge and not a modification/copy of the existing wip community patch (actually i dont even have a copy, please send me one if anybody has it. i know for security reasons they are not released but man its been soo long time since announcement of CP1.4). So if you like my work please appreciate it in comments. it really helps me to encourage to make mods like this. Feel free to share and credit me if you like my work. 

Special thanks again to nfsu360 for his powerful vltedit 4.2. man you are really awesome

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