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NFS Most Wanted Tuning Mod v1.2.5

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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NFS Most Wanted addon tuning v1.2.5 by Rsracerp60.

This mod will add tuning to various bonus vehicles and some few traffic vehicles in NFS9:MW.
So far, it includes:
Mustang_demo (PS2 demo leftover as far as I know)
Wrx_demo (PS2 demo leftover as far as I know)
SpeedT RX8 (original values crash issue also fixed!)
BMW M3 GTR Street
BMW M3 E46 Non-GTR 
911 GT2
Corvette C6.R
Trafpizza (challenge series version)
Traftaxi (challenge series version)
Traffic minivan (challenge series version
Traffic pickup (Challenge series version)
And.. more to come.

In v1.2.5, new speedt secondarylogo has been added along with M3 model fix included!

Some also have different engineaudio throughout engine upgrades! 
And the cadillac CTS is now using vw_jet_m3 (stock), nis_sky (stage 1), and mit_eclip_b (fully upgraded engine) sounds as they are six-cylinders and no four-cylinder variants of that generation CTS were offered.

The save included in this .zip is one exclusive for this mod also made by me. It has loads of cash, and all blacklist members beaten (apart from the races and bounty stuff, you can do that yourself).
It also has all the bonus cars, along with the unfinished M3, apart from the challenge series traffic cars right now.
I don't even need to tell how to install saves in MW.. It's the easiest thing anyone could do it.
0. In order to install, you must have VltEd if you haven't already (current latest version):
0.5 Place the provided .nfsms modscript anywhere you'll remember where it is.
1. Open VltEd (run as admin), make sure to have it enabled to modify your MW values.
2. Click "file", "import" and then modscript and choose where you dropped it. Then it should show that it's installed.

Installation (M3 model fix and speedt secondarylogo):
M3: Just drop the files in the BMWM3 folder under cars!

New RX8 SpeedT secondarylogo:
1. Run nfs texed as admin, open "frontB" under frontend in your mw05 directory,
2. Find the rx8speed logo import the provided one here from anywhere you drop it on your pc, click save and you're good to go!
Big thanks to neon989 for m3 model fix!

Some vehicles (mainly challenge series traffic) don't show 100% correct performance data.
Not much else that I know of, but please, tell me if you notice anything/have any serious issue and I will do my best.


If you want to ask me about anything/bug reports.:
Comment here (NFSCars/NFSMods)
Message me on Discord: Rsracerp60 with four-digit tag #5920

Join our discord (Rsracer & Neon): [ltr][font=Whitney, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][/font][/ltr]


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