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Lexus LFA StratoSpeed Edition

Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2
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Lexus LFA StratoSpeed Edition by Ti-Sonic

Ripped meshes from Forza 3 / Shift 2 by Riva ; ripped meshes from NFS : The Run by me.
Converted by me

Features :
- Rollcages from ProStreet in two versions , Carbonfiber or aluminium ( Skirts section )
- Different stock spoilers position and Custom spoilers from ProStreet ( In brakelights section )
- Original inagame spoilers ( you have to select stock brakelights to avoid any confusion )
- No neons
- Bodykits set with the same config files for wheels

How to Install:
1.Copy the files "GEOMETRY" and "TEXTURES" in X:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Underground 2\CARS


2.Use car installer configuration NFS-CfgInstaller.exe and install "Lexus LF-A Stratospeed Edition.u2car"

3.Open NFS-TexEd and open FrontB.Lzc and find SECONDARY logo (31).

4.Open NFS LangEd by nfsu360 and find id 3752 and replace to Lexus LF-A Strato-Ed

5.Launch The Game and Enjoy ! ;D

Since my other mod had too high polys , i tested it myself , and this LF-A will not cause disappearing body

parts of the opponements and it will run on almost all configurations ! Enjoy ! :D
But the vinyl mapping isn't not accurate at all , sorry for vinyl makers :/

BONUS : I've created some sound files for it and a more realistic performance setup ! They are stored in :

"Sound mod Packs".
Install the pack you want in X:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Underground 2\SOUND\ENGINE.
For the car Setup , install the "Lexus LF-A Stock" with the NFS UG2 Car Hacker by GreeveX and


Thanks to :
- Riva for the meshes and textures from Forza 3 / Shift 2 Unleashed
- Me for the meshes of NFS The Run
- nfsu360 for his tools
- EA for this awesome game
- Adobe for Photoshop
- Ninjaripper
- Thanks to those who supported me and the modders who gave me tips and advices.

This mod was tested on v1.2 of NFS Underground2 , it might work with all versions.

Enjoy !

EDIT 10/11/2014 : I don't know who has published my mod on this website : But he had to ask me before uploading it. I WANT A EXPLANATION ABOUT THIS REUPLOADING ON THIS OTHER WEBSITE. All modders on nfscars and gtrcars should do the same.



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