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240SX and G35 Overhaul

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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I don't recommend having this script installed if you are going to play online, there may be bugs if you race against players who do not have this script installed. I haven't tested it in online mode, install this script at your own risk.

This mod changes the Nissan 240SX to tier 3 and the Infiniti G35 to tier 2. The 240SX is too fast to be a tier 1 car and the G35 is too slow to be a tier 3 car. I've seen several players complaining about it so I decided create this mod to try to balance them a little bit.

I don't know what Black Box had in mind when they put the 240SX to be tier 1, since it easily outperforms all cars of this class without any difficulty, especially when it is upgraded. I originally wanted to put the 240SX to be tier 2 along with the G35 but I think he still fast for this class even when it's stock. I tested it in a race against tier 3 cars and it did well, I beat tier 3 cars with it upgraded with the catch up enabled and disabled on normal and hard difficulty. It can be a little slow against other Tier 3 cars when it's in stock, but it does well when it's fully upgraded.

The G35 did well against other tier 2 cars, it's not op against them but it also does not stay behind as it did when it was tier 3. I used the same method that I used on 240SX with the catch up enabled and disabled on normal and hard difficulty. I have not tested it fully upgraded but it must match the other cars in this class.

The G35 has the same engine as the 350Z in real life, so I copied the performance values from the 350Z engine to the G35, now the engine is more powerful.The opponents can now use them like any other car.The price tag of the G35 now is 40,000 instead of 70,000. It was a very expensive price for such a slow car.They both have upgrade parts of their respectives classes.[/ul]

Tools needed:


1.Extract the 240sx and g35.nfsms.nfsms file inside the winrar file

2. Open NFS VLTED.

3. Locate and open your directory where Need for Speed Carbon is.

4. In the upper left corner go to 'File' then 'Import' and click the Modscript option

5. Locate the 240sx and g35.nfsms.nfsms file and import it.

6. Close the window that will open and go back to 'file' and this time select the 'Save' option and close the program. Then the installation process is complete.

Credits to:

Nfsu360 - NFS VLTED



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