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Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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New License Plate.

This is the car registration plate used in my country. The idea was an inspiration that came from seeing the license that "bobs" created. I thought to myself "It would be a great license plate from my own country in the game" and I did. Thanks Bobs, for the inspiration.

To install just follow the instructions and don't forget to have a wonderful day and thanks for trying this modification. There will be much more soon …

how to install?

1_ download nfs text messages.

2_ extract file.

3_ open nfs text messages.

4_ open ingamea lzc in the global folder.

5_ find the original plate and choose it.

6_ replace with new board (this means the new board will only show up in free runs and runs).

7_ save.

8_ (I found this on my own) open "FrontB1.Lzc" in the "FRONTEND" folder.

9_ find the original plate and choose it.

10_ replace it with the new board (this is to show it in all game menus)

11_ save and exit.

12_ enjoy the new license plate.

Note, now the plate will appear placed in each car when it is in the settings menu, selection, races and so on.

I did some more, because maybe I was selfish. You may have already realized that drawing is not something that goes wonderfully, but here you have 2 more plate license, from Brasil and Uruguay. I tried to do the rest but I can't seem to get it together.

You can find more on the countries that make up Mercosur here:

By the way:
Many comment on my posts, but I can only see the notification but not the comments. Anyway, I appreciate your support. For a moment I think I'm "grounded" for some reason because I can't share new modifications with you. Or maybe it is a general problem. Anyway, be patient and enjoy my mods.

Upcoming modifications:
New series change, money mod, improved acceleration in the transmission of several cars, general artificial intelligence of the game, more challenging. Anyway, other settings.


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