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Last Resort Special Edition

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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Last Resort Special Edition

Grab your ray ban, take suntan oil and short shorts because we fly to Mexico. My favorite track ever, earlier in Need For Speed 2 SE, now in NFS4, and now enhanced by me. I add more attraction: i change sky and horizon to closest to the original, add new sky in night version. Rebuild completed bridge part with waterfall and tiki totems with fire. Add many buildings on beach part, from my best adventure game Broken Sword 2. I change all posters, signs and billboards to orginal, add orginal cart before entrance to jungle. Add new temple with inside frescoes. Lots of native indians and guards in front of temple. New lava cafe, and lava around monkey head. Add new lava part in vulcano tunnel, and more heat in vulcano temple. Also new palms on beach. Orginal loading screen included.


This track first was converted by Ryan T from NFS2 to NFS4
next will be Improved, corrected and completed 12/2003 by: KillYa
Improved again by KillRide Oct 2008

All files from folder "track files", copy to folder Aquatica (location - Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\Tracks\Aquatica).

File TR16_00 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\Slides

Files TR16 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\VidWall

Full view recommended

And have fun.

SlawekR Elblag POLAND.


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