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Raceway 1 HD (Driven's Ed.)

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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I liked the HD Raceway(s) others have made, but I decided to make my own using AI upscaling tools or scratch-made with GIMP. Nearly everything has been upscaled or remade to a higher res, including some skyboxes and night/weather textures, and some minor texture edits/fixes have been made to the track itself.

I also liked the idea of real-life sponsors, so I replaced the vanilla fictional ones with real ones. For billboards, I used automotive ads from the track's country of origin whenever I could find fitting ones.
You can get an idea of how the mod looks in-game via this video I put together:

(Recommended) System Requirements
NFS4 is an old game but combined with recent modifications to it, it can actually get pretty demanding. Here's some things you will probably need for a smooth experience.
1) Run on VEG's Modern Patch.
- a) Modern Patch is CPU intensive, so it's probably best to have a CPU from within the last ten years.
- b) I'm not sure Modern Patch was meant to run on systems older than Windows 10, which is what I run. YMMV with older OSs.
2) A decent GPU with maybe at least 256 MB or more of VRAM.

1) Make a backup of your GT1 folder found in [your NFS4 installation directory] -> Data -> Tracks.
2) Unzip my mod somewhere and cut/paste the files from (my mod's) GT1 folder into your installation's GT1 folder. Overwrite all when prompted.

I do not claim ownership or copyrights over anything in this mod; as such, it's free to modify and distribute except where copyrights/owner permissions prohibit.

See included Readme for a full list of credit.


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