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T3ED 4.4.0

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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New in Version 4.4.0 (422):
- New (better?) track format detection. (Using the four first bytes.)
- Bugfix when pasting whole blocks.The "HS_EXTRA" VRoad data was placed in a wrong position.
- "Connect Close Points" function from block neighbours is now also in "Clear / Modify All".

New in Version 4.4.0 (418):
- "Clear / Modify All" has now a option to recalc PolyVroad for the whole track.
- Ctrl + R is Polygon rotation (90°) by changing the points. Now, in HS Mode with "Crtl + Alt + R", it rotates the textures too.

New in Version 4.4.0 (417):
- Three modes for PolyVRoad calculation (Crtl + H)

New in Version 4.4.0 (416):
- Resize Track(now negative values possible)
- Enter Move Distance: The data from the last mouse move can be used. Another alternative is to use the data from the last distance measurement. Distances can be calculated in point mode by picking two points.
- Bugfix when using ALT & MouseWheel with no 3D View .

New in Version 4.4.0 (415):
- Option to show PolyVRoad for (black) trackpolygons. It should always point forward. But now I can be changed with "Polygon Virtual Road Flags".
- Bugfix when replacing blocks und using undo.

New in Version 4.4.0 (414):
- Light Raytracing for lanes added.

New in Version 4.4.0 (413):
- Zoom In/Out now works when Track View windows is active.
- Zoom In/Out Track View only (using ALT Key) is now much faster.
- Additional safety check when starting Track View.
- Light properties has now a Combobox for easy selection of track glows (values taken from Tr(N).ini) or special effects.
- Light properties has a Raytrace Light button. Maximum Light Distance will be intensity * 0.1.
- Light/Sound properties will be shown as four bytes. Byte 2 has to be zero, to be visible in game. If not, only raytracer will use it.
- Delete Light/Sound object from block properties.

- Shadow Raytracer can now calculate lights:
  * A imaginary line from each light to vertice points will be calculated. Only when nothing is in the way the light shines there.
  * Light color and intensity will be taken from tr(N).ini
  * Multiplier of light distance can be set. Light Distance will be intensity * multiplier.
  * If red, green or blue of light is higher than the color part of the point it will be replaced.
  * Flashing Lights will be ingnored.
  * Byte 2,3,4 of Light will be ignored.


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