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March 14, 2006, 6:03 a.m.

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Custom Sounds Pack 1

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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Hey, this is my first upload.

Those are custom sounfiles for NFS4 that I have converted from NFS3 and NFS2.

Includes :

GT90 (NFS2)
F550 (NFS3)
F355 (NFS3)
SL600 (NFS3)
Countach (NFS3)
Scighera (NFS3)

Only these files are included because I didnt want the zip file to be too big AND the other soundfiles need tweaking, finishing and testing.

Credits :
EA for base sounds
Zpectre for awesome tutorial (thx man :))

These files have been tested in auto and manual, some seem to rev a bit too much in auto like the 355, but they are fine once youre in gear ;)

I worked hard to make these, so please show a little bit of appreciation. Id appreciate it if you do. Eventually, Ill convert all sounds from NFS3 to NFS4 and maybe release some custom sounds of my own, I did some already, and it seems I will most likely release some :)

This was made to be used for your own use, but you can use them for your cars you will upload aswell as long as you give me credits.

Comments appreciated.

Please read the readme for more info, youll probably need it.

Thank you and have fun :)


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