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The Complete Guide for making a Mod Car for NFS III

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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Back in middle school, I used to have so much fun downloading all the cars you guys made. I always wanted to know how to make a car myself, but never had the patience back then to sit down and figure it out until 2019 when I was determined to learn the entire process. I ended up using the car I own in real life so that I could have 24/7 access to taking any measurements I desired.

What frustrated me the most about learning the process was how scattered the information was across the internet. As well as all the broken links that could have been so useful. So, I decided to document everything I could find that was useful to me into a single PDF document with the intention that you would not need to spend so much time searching the internet for answers like I did. I had only modeled this one car at the time this document was written, but I spent over 1000 hours modeling and learning the entire process inside and out for the last 2 years.

I've written this document with the idea that the reader would have everything they needed. Even explanations on the most basic concepts such as "What is a polygon?". You can imagine that a tutorial written this way would have a lot of "fluff" information that most users would probably already know. For that reason, I have highlighted text in red to direct users to the information that gets straight to the point.

Writing this document alone took me over 150 hours. This is my way of giving back to the community that really helped me develop a love for this video game series. For the veterans out there, please don't hesitate to give suggestions for making changes to this guide.

Credits are given at the end of the document. I would also like to thank my brother and Anthony (a good friend of mine) for taking the time to peer review this document.


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