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Ford GR-1

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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Ford GR-1

This is a scratch made Ford GR-1. I used the model from TDU to make prints that I could use. No known bugs. If you find one, let me know.

Custom carp as close to specs as I can find
Top speed without in-game tuning is 220 mph, with in-game tuning approx. 280 mph.
Handling is good at all speeds.
Custom showcase also included.
FCE file without interior included.
Loading slide included.
Poly count w/ interior: 12,128
Poly count w/o interior: 8,236

Car Installation:

Create a folder "fgr1" in your NFSIII/GameData/CarModel folder and extract the
car.viv file into it.

Loading Screen Installation:

Extract the "57_00.qfs" file into your NFSIII/FeData/art/slides folder.
NOTE: If you change the cars serial numer you will have to rename this file to the
new serial number. e.g. "serial number_00.qfs"

Showcase Installation:

Extract the files in the showcase folder inside this zip file to
your NFSIII/FeData/art/showcase folder.

Car without interior installation:

Open the car.viv file with Viv Wizard. Import the "car1.fce" file, export the original
*.fce file and back it up somewhere. Delete the original *.fce file and rename the
"car1.fce" file to car.fce.
NOTE: If you install the car with the interior, you may not be able to race with other
high poly cars.

Programs Used to make this car:
Zanoza Modeler by Oleg
VIV Wizard by Jesper Juul-Mortensen
FCE Finish by Klaus Heyne
FCE Center by Rocket/Addict
NFS FCE Converter by Rocket/Addict
Macromedia Fireworks by Macromedia/Adobe
Fshtool by Denis Auroux
TGA Maker by Josh Klint

Credits go to me for modeling and texturing and converting to NFS3.


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