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Unlock "Hot Pursuit" blocked cars

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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Unlock "Hot Pursuit" blocked cars, for NFS III
******************by Liervaik*****************

This mod simply unlocks all four cars that were originally blocked from running on Hot Pursuit race modes.

I actually found the method for this by mistake, and am sharing the unlocked cars with you.

…So how did the game block these cars?

All that NFS3 needed to keep cars from being playable on Hot Pursuit race modes was having the car manufacturer in the VIV file listed as "Ferrari" or "Mercedes".
So while I was messing around with my mod cars' VIV files I mistakenly blocked one. After noticing this, I tried a few modifications on the blocked cars to see if they would become pursuable… And it worked!

Let's take, for example, the Ferrari F550 Maranello.
Inside the VIV file it had "Ferrari" listed as manufacturer and "550 Maranello" as model. All I did was leave the model zone empty, and add as manufacturer "Ferrari 550 Maranello". After saving changes, I went in-game, chose Hot Pursuit, and Ta-Da! The 550 was eligible.

NOTE: I did NOT change anything else other than Manufacturer and Model data, so basically the only real change in these cars is them being unlocked for HP.

So next step was to repeat this with all other blocked cars, and share the mod with you…

So here it is! Enjoy ;D

Oh! And special thanks to Jesper Juul-Mortensen for making VIV Wizard, without it I see it near impossible for me to figure out things like this. Thank you!




1.- Open your NFS III installation folder.

2.- Open GameData and then CarModel.

3.- Extract all three folders included with this ZIP file.
*f355 belongs to the Ferrari 355 F1 Spider
*Fm50 belongs to the Ferrari 550 Maranello
*Merc belongs to the Mercedes CLK-GTR (I might have mispelled something.)
*Sl60 belongs to the Mercedes SL600

4.- Run the game and enjoy!



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