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NFS MW Rims Pack

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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NFS MW Rims Pack

Rims mod, which replaces and updates ingame wheels. Most of wheels can be painted and have different sizes.

List of new and updated rims:
5ZIGEN: Hamman Edition Race, 5Zigen FN01RC, 5Zigen ZR520+, 5Zigen GN+, HRE P101
ADR: Asanti AF118, Advan Super Advan Racing Version 2, Rotiform Super Concave BLQ, American Racing Torq-Thrust M, American Racing Razor Shelby
BBS: BBS E53, BBS RS-GT, Mine's Evolution II, BBS E55, BBS RK
ENKEI: Enkei NT03, Enkei RPF1, Enkei RS6, Enkei Tarmac Evo
KONIG: Konig After Burner (wide), Konig Britelite, Schmidt TH Line 2TLG
LOWENHART: Vossen CVT, Vossen CV3, Renault Megane III, Work CR-Kai
RACINGHART: Zender Turbo II, Zender Dynamic, TSW Trackstar 4, MOMO RPM
OZ: OZ Superleggera III, OZ Superturismo GT, IForged Fabulous, HRE C21, HRE C97
ROJA: Work Equip 03, Work XD9, Work Meister S1
VOLK: Volk TE37, Volk RE30, Nismo Z-tune R34

How to install:
!Before installation make backup copy of WHEELS folder and GlobalB.lzc file!
1. Copy WHEELS folder from the archive and paste it to game_directory/cars with replacing files.
2. Run NFS texEd and click Tools/ Patch game files to editing, after select NFSMW directory.
3. Open GlobalB.lzc file through NFS TexEd and select textures archive with ID #2, twice click on it and find PC_LOAD texture, replace this on PC_LOAD texture from archive. Click save and exit.
4. HillustrateM8 said: People with gamepad support on the Widescreen Fixes pack would have to patch the included .BUN files(scripts folder) as well as the GlobalB.lzc file as well…


Turn 10/SMS/EA/BB/Firemonkeys/Codemasters/KUNOS Simulazioni - mesh & textures
arushan - NFSMW ModTools
ASC - Updated Geometry compiler
Oleg Melashenko - ZModeler 1.0.7.& 2.2.5
Eclipse 72rus aka CorvetteZ06 - converting to NFS MW


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