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Trance Music Pack Vol. 2 mod for NFSMW

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Previous version here:
This mod replaces in-game musics in NFSMW.
Volume 2 now includes better song selections, picked from well-known sources of trance music including A State Of Trance (ASOT).


New songs list:

1. Alex Sonata - Siren
2. Aly & Fila ft. HALIENE - Paralyzed (A & Z Remix)
3. Arctic Moon ft. Shuba - Cool In My Disaster
4. Ashley Wallbridge ft. Clara Yates - Diamonds
5. Beatsole & Kimberly Hale - Only A Dream
6. Ciaran McAuley & Clare Stagg - All I Want
7. Darren Porter & Ana Criado - Dream Like I Do
8. Dave Neven & Triqz - Rapture
9. Denis Kenzo & Jilliana Danise - Will Be Forever
10. DRYM & Jennifer Rene - Smile
11. Dubvision vs Vigel ft. Nino Lucarelli - Rescue Me
12. Eric Senn ft. Cassandra Grey - Misconception
13. Eximinds - Voyager
14. FUTURECODE ft. Roxanne Emery - Dancing In The Rain
15. Joel Hirsch & Sara Skinner - Your Reckless Heart
16. KhoMha ft. April Bender - Colorblind
17. LTN & Kyler England - Rise Like Smoke
18. MaRLo & HALIENE - Whisper
19. NASH - Momentum
20. NASH & Michele C - I Know you
21. Omnia ft. Danyka Nadeau - For You
22. Stargazers & Fenna Day - Crystallize
23. Tenishia & Ana Criado - Ever True
24. Whiteout & Natalie Gioia - Touch Me

Only 24 from 26 songs are replaced. The other two ("The Mann" and "Most Wanted Mashup") aren't replaced as they're original MW musics and I don't feel the need to replace them. You can still turn them off in the in game settings.




Archive content:
1. ADDONS folder. Contains updated song names. Without this, the new in-game music names will not display correctly.
2. SOUND folder. Contains mus and mpf file.

NFSMW modloader, can be obtained from Ferrari 360 Spider mod.

Make sure to backup the original "MW_Music.mus" and "MW_Music.mpf" files in /SOUND/PFDATA in case you want the original music files back or the mod doesn't work properly.

Simply copy the content of the archive to your NFSMW directory.


The mod can be downloaded through Google Drive. The link is provided in the archive below. 

Make sure you have some free space in your hard drive before downloading due to the large archive size (~627 Mb). 

Go to the Google Drive link in the archive. Ignore the error about the preview and click Download.


Be sure to contact me if there's a problem with the mod.

Trance Music Pack Vol. 2 mod by AdrasteaDrago
NFSMW music importer tools by BadHairDay, nlgzrn, azraelpc and xsbr



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